March 31, 2009

Acclaim & Applaud!!

Hi Family,

"The Excellence Award" was constituted to start acknowledging the efforts being put here at the lounge by members. We still will have to come up with a better name and badge for this gala awards ceremony at the lounge. We will figure that out later .We think that we could use this award ceremony in a better fashion and acknowledge posts/series/initiatives/members who are doing exceptional work here. We expect more competition for these categories in the next awards ceremony we will be having towards the end of this year. Below are the award winners for their contributions on WL .Members are required to display this award on your personal blog .

# Award for Experimenting with different Genres (prose):
Male: Arjun
Female: Neha Venkatesh

# Award for Experimenting with different Genres (poetry):
Male: Tan
Female: Pratibha aka Prats

# Most Motivating Commentor
Male: John Kingsley & Gaurav/Maverick
Female: Kajal, Asbah & Pratibha

# Best Debut Award (prose): Nandhini for ALAR

# Best Debut Award (poetry): John Kingsley

# Best Initiative (prose) - Chain Posts:

"The Kiss" by Lover/Asbah/Sandeep/Stephen/Rashi/Priyanka

# Best Initiative (poetry) -
Lessons in Poetry Styles: Pratibha aka Pretty Me!
Poetic Replies: Vinu and Maverick
Poetic Co-Writes: Vinu and Kajal

# "The Jester @ Lounge" Award (humour): Arjun/Stephen/Sandeep

# "What an Idea" Award:
Vinu aka Leo for introducing "The Monday Delight-Interview Series"
Pratibha aka Pretty Me for introducing "Lessons in Poetry Styles"
Raghav for introducing "Movie Reviews"
Bhargav for introducing "Movie Quiz-Wednesdays"
Chirag for introducing "Cricket Quiz-Sundays"

# "Mystic Writes" Award: Asbah (for tackling prose and poetry with ease)

# Most Sincere Learner (Poetry): To be awarded by Pratibha for the member who tries out every style she shares here

# Rhyme Gods @ Lounge:
Male: Vinu aka Leo
Female: Mona Venkatesh

# Mr. & Ms. Consistent @ Lounge (Poetry-English):
Male: Aditya(The Lover) & Gaurav aka Maverick
Female: Rashi & Kajal Singh

# Mr. & Ms. Consistent @ Lounge (Poetry-Hindi/Urdu):
Male: Chirag and Tan
Female: Uzra and Insiya

# Best Comic Character Creation (Series): Stephen for creating "Sandeep Malan"

# Best Romantic Story (Series): Sandeep & Kajal for "Golu-Bhondu"

# Best Youth Centric Story(Series): Arjun & Stephen for "2 Point Someone"

# Best Action Oriented Story (Series): Sandeep & Asbah/Arjun/Priyanka/Kajal for "StepMAN"

# "Jhakaas Entry" Award: "Chota Ste" in StepMAN trailor (Watch the Video)

# Chote Ustaad @ Lounge: Insiya and Heena(Gulzar).

#Promising Lounger:Ashrita,Nabila, Aarthi and Charu

# Promising Series: Priyanka & Neha for "Dilli 6"

#Mentor (Poetry) :Pratibha aka Prats .
#Mentor(Prose) :Sandeep

# Lifetime Achievement Award (Award for exceptional contribution towards the lounge): Stephen

(Clicked by: Sandeep)

Congratulations to all the winners. Those who are not there in this list, don't despair. The lounge wants all of you to experiement, participate, post, comment and feature here. Go for it!
**The awards are exclusively meant for Writers Lounge members,They cannot be forwarded like any other blogger awards.


  1. and you created a Category for me LOL! wow

    so thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!

    ste, whatta pose :D

  2. Thank You
    Thank Yo
    Thank Y
    -Tan :)

  3. congratulations to all the winners and thank you very much for giving me two awards....

  4. WOW!
    This is wat, a dream!

    3 awards! :O :O :O :O :O

    *Gosh* am so lost for words!

    Nd i dnt even hav a speech ready! :P

    But seriously guys I cldnt think abt dis even in my dreams! I feel so overwhelmed and honoured! Dat i could contribute to the lounge is an award in itself! I'll use these honours as a motivation!

    Luv u all so much! Congratulation to all dose who have won! And dose who misd out, u dint lose! As i said da fact dat u contribute and add to the beauty of the wonder dat our WL is, is an honour in itself! Nd every member of the lounge owes it to each other for making the lounge the success story it is today!

    Finally a big TY to the founders (ste, sandeep & Asbah) fr creating dis "heaven on the web"! TY fr bestowing dose prestigious honours on me!

    \m/ !WL rocks! \m/

  5. :D :D :D all smiles :D :D :D

    Way to go all, way to go..... ;)

    Congrats to all those who got the awards, cant believe i'm in the list too :P

    so finally, is that you ste in superman's pose :P

    Nice intiative all @WL, will go a long way in motivating ppl down here :)

  6. Acclaimed and Applauded ;) :) :)

    super... super.... keep it coming ;)

  7. *speechless*

    and so i rest my case !

    THANKS :)

  8. and oh! congrats to all!!!

  9. *Nan is pinching her left wrist with the right thumb and index finger* :P :P

    Congos to all the winners :) :)

  10. Congrats to all inners :)

    so wheres d party tonight??

  11. awwww.....meleko bhi AWArD chahiyeeeeeeeee.........!!!!


  12. Hmmm I'm extremely sad that this year there wasn't pre award party nor a winners party! :(

    Come on I wanna celebrate and give my winning speech ...Puhlease!

  13. Awwwww....meleko bhi mil gaya...

  14. Thank you so much for the award...

    Congrats to all those who won.. :)



  15. "Well...I am shocked.. to be honest. . hey !! can I jump or pinch my self. ......or is it an illusion or a dream that I am seeing.. .. When the awards were announced yesterday ,I was quite sure that I would win atleast one,but at the end of the day I won 5 ' excellence' awards. This award is no different than the Oscars for me.I am honoured and overwhelmed.I am speechless.... thanks a lot guys for considering me for the various categories ....I am very happy now...I would like to dedicate this award to my country and city "Mumbai" .It was this little city that gave me the strenght and inspired me.Thanks a lot Sandeep Bhai for inspiring me through your every write.Thanks a lot Mom, Appa and Anu .. ..for supporting me everytime.I would like to dedicate this award to my best friend Parul...through whom I see my reflection.She has encouraged and motivated me at times.At times when I thought of deleting my blog, it was she who supported and inspired me through her each and everyword.. In this 3 years of blogging ,I have won many awards from my friends,but this one is special one for me.... .Hey, I would like to give this awards to my nephews and neice Melu,Jerry and Ketsiya......your Stibu mama won an award guys.... ..and also to the little baby boy who entered our family 3 days ago ....your stibu chachu has won an award for u daa ....may god bless u .. ..and lastly I dedicate this award to Almighty.. ...if it wasnt his grace. ..then I would be no where..... thanks a lot Writers Lounge for this award .. .Love yaa guysss......."

  16. nice read in ur blog ;)

  17. my speech :) @

    I never expected this, it is a shocker, feels really good, now i know there are people who really care about , reciprocate and share the same enthusiasm and also who are passionate about writing,reading and having fun lounging @ The Writer's Lounge

    Two Awards, when i expected just being a spectator at the First Annual WL Excellence Award,while knowing there are more talented people than me :D

    thanking you all
    :) my extended family at blogarpuram (:

  18. Congo everyone ....

    btw Nice Pic mamaaa....Nice hat :D

  19. I am honoured.
    Cogratulations to everyone who won..

    I hope next time around we will have a lot more new names in here and ofcourse the names here will continue to be doing good.

    Love you WL and Love you all!! :)

  20. Congrats!!! all the winners deserve the awards.....
    and all others deserve a big treat when we all meet together... :P

  21. oooooo... Thank u so much guys for adding my name there.....

    Felt like winning Oscars..!! ;) ;)

    Guys don't send garlands, fan letters n all to my home.. I cant handle stardom... hehehe.. jus kidding..!!

    Thanks sandeep and WL ....

    This will only inspire me in writing more... Presently just no mood to write anything.. Will come back soon.. :) :)


  22. its gr8 the admin r honouring members

    congrats award winners

  23. Sorry for the late entree!!!

    My speech:
    "Ah.. finally I get to hold the lady in my hand.. oops.. sorry.. there's no lady.. can we have a lady the next time please? (Admin listening?)"

    "Well.. I have a long list of people to thank... my maidservant sakhubai for waking me up every morning with her chatter (so that I could finally give up on trying to sleep and write something on WL instead), the aunty next door whose conversations inspired the material for my write-ups, the peon in my college (who used to switch off the router just as I was about to post something (hehhahahah, chacha, I still got an award), my teachers (who never taught anything in class so I could leaisurely think of what to post that evening), my family (WL and the people I am genetically related to), Sandy (for bearing my wrath and being the butt of my jokes), Ste (for reasons I cannot disclose here; I don't want to embarrass him any further), Mona (my sis, for intoducing me to WL), Johnie, Kaju, Rash, Prats, Charz, Mohita, Uz, Insiya, Heena, RJ, Vinu...

    Hey... why are you shoving me away.. my speech ain't over yet!!!


  24. nice goin ppl,.... lookd like jus attended oscars or palm award ceremony... with speeches et cetra... fun.. m lovin it ;)

    thnku all... group hug ;)

  25. hmph, my speech isnt ready as yet :S

  26. wow i cant believe i actually got one too.....thanks so much being here ....and love you all a lot too :D

  27. OMG... Better late than never :D Thank you so much Lounge!

  28. Wow... I won an award... yaaaaaaaaay

    *tears of joy*

    thank you so much everyone... a big thanks to the lounge admins, my sis neha who always inspires me to write, pinks... my biggest fan, sandeep, ste and asbah... the brilliant creators of this brilliant lounge... prats, kajal, rashi, john, vinay, rohan, insiya, chirag,shruti, aditya, aarthi (hope i didnt miss out on anyone.. sorry if i did!!)... for encouraging me with their lovely comments... and last but not the least.. my mom, dad and God... yippeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

    p.s. congrats everyone... we ROCK!!!

  29. oops.. n i forgot to include tan.. sorry tan...!! thanks for all your comments n encouragement...!!!

  30. You forgot me Mona? Well, thanks... that has actually made you mention me specially!!! lol :) (Just see the positive side of it)

    Now mates, I'm ready with my speech too... Sorry for being late... The interested ones can visit and read it in: Thus Spake Tan!

    Have fun!!


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