April 1, 2009

@ 1AM !!

Tan: Its 1AM now.
Hennzy: hmmm..(Looking at the sky)
Tan: Aren't we doing wrong?
Hennzy : Donno..
Tan : I think we are..
Hennzy: donno..but everyone does it.
Tan: But in this place.. like this..
Hennzy: hmm..but nothing will be changed tomorrow right? except....
Tan: If someone sees us we will be in trouble.
Hennzy: I know,I know...the watchman is probably sleeping.
Tan: Ok Ok now stop peeing at the swimming pool, its gonna over flow now! yaar tujhe na kabhi bhi zyada Beer nahi peelana chahiye.



  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha...hilarious bro...really.....wow!!

    bang on!! this is the way it should be...all the punch reserved for the last line...and all the other lines building up to it...perfect example of this genre...*pat on the back*

    lol lol lol.....he he he

  2. @sandeep

    Thank you so much Saar..your comments always gives a xtra support!! Glad u liked it.

    @Vitruvian boy
    Hehe.. try after having half a dozen beer.. you can also fill the swimming pool..LOL :p

  3. LoLzzz !! you are too good with this genre !!

  4. Henzy, stop it now!! Enough!!! Smelling....

    Bahut bas marise be... hobo... aku next time ... beshi ne khaba beer!!

  5. hey Thanks Prats.. :)


    Hahahahahahaha...LOL :p


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