March 25, 2009

Are we friends?

# Pre-script: How dare you all leave out "Rashi R V" from your attempts on micro humour. She was in tears when she called up a lil while ago....he he he he. This is my dedication to rash. And since i can't write poems and humour has been my forte, my dedication to her is in the form of this micro humour post. He he...long live Rash! Jai Jai.

Sandeep: Rashi R V ??
Rashi: Ofcourse We are!!
Sandeep: R V ??
Rashi: You still have doubts? We are!!
Sandeep: Have you gone nuts? "Rashi R V"...Is this what you want me to write here in this application form?

*Lines: 5


  1. hehehe...mastttt hai twin :D

    hii back to lounge after a longggg break!! yeyyyyyy ;)

  2. Thanks Prats!

    Sandy!! :x.. No more shenai for you.. No more roses.. :(

  3. hahahaaha... nicety nice.. :P :P hehe

    Rashi... 3 hours of exams na... finish it fast n write a micro-humour post for all of us here..!! We'd love to see ur post..Ready.. R V??? Yes.. V R ..!! :P

  4. oyeeeeeeeeeeeee sandeep.. tu hi likh sakta tha re. teri nazaron se kuchh nahi bachta hai na..? :P


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