March 25, 2009

Class Work

leo n prats smsin each other, sitting in 2 buses headed in completely opposite directions.

leo: i am listening to songs on cell. wat abt u?
prats: am writing a poem on nostalgia. wanna get it right...

leo: oh, thats nice. how far is it to ur office?
prats: not much to go. maybe another 10 mins.

leo: lucky. i am still one hour away from college.
prats: why don't you sleep then?

leo: thats classwork prats!
an attempt at micro humour. lines 7. hope it hasn't failed miserably :D


  1. LMAO :P
    I can relate to this Vin :P

  2. wel..u r didn't fail miserably...;P
    it was tolerable..;)

  3. glad u wrote it !!! i really loved that sms session :)

  4. hey...very good da... truest and best MH possible relating real life circumstances :P

  5. hehe half relate, i sleep in office ;) and yest i was CAUGHT sleeping and guess what i saidddddd?? haha

    "actually i was thinking of the next story and as yet i have decided that i am an old man dying in the hospital" !!!!!!!!!!


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