March 5, 2009

20 Minutes With An Old Friend!- A blessing!

20 Minutes With An Old Friend!

It was 12:41 when I started talking to Asbah, actually we were messaging .. it was fun. While talking there came a point where she messaged me this;

After 8pm i am usually free. I am in, work on your sentence structure, grammar re read your stories. will help you improve a lot. Guess what i talked to sultan after ages. I am eternally thankful for him to introduce me to you :*
& I replied;

I am too thankful to him. By the way how is he?

And as an answer she replied;

He's doing good mashAllah. A doc now :-)

We both said each other good-bye's after some time (although I hate saying so) but we said and then I opened my message folder in my mobile selected new message option and typed a message to him;

'Oye! zinda ho?'

And there, with in seconds I got his reply;

'Gee! busy lady!'

No doubt he was a busy guy. Though he was a doctor by profession now but still his schedule was up to his neck due to his studies.

'Jhootay! Kahan maray hoay ho?'

Strange na! How I was talking to him, but he never complained and he never minded as we were very frank with each other, at least i was;

'You tell girl.. how you are???'

This was his last message. Last message because I wasn't able to respond him back as my beloved 'neend' was here to take me to my dream land whose gates were wide open for me to hug me .. to hold me tight..


woke up around 1:30 p.m, changed my dress and I hurried for breakfast (a cup of tea with bread slices are i think categorized in breakfast no?)

Around 2:40 p.m, I came in my room remembering 'what to do's' list and with absent mind I don't know why I pushed the right-button key and my inbox was opened. The last message was by him and it remind me ' i had to call him' . I checked my balance *phew* I was having some (Kaam chal jayega). I pushed the right-button key and clicked the call option against his name and here goes the bell.


' Hello ' He said in his casual tone.

' Can I speak to Dr. Amir? ' I said in a naughty voice of mine.

' Well well girl you're speaking to Dr.Amir ' He too sounded naughty. It's always been blessing talking to him.

' I am mast .. tum batao? ' I hate the "aap" factor between friends.

' I am fine..' I thought he would now be giving excuses of his "not available" thing, but when he didn't i tried to make him a little embarrass.

' Han tu busy log kahan hain? Khuda jhoot na bulwaye to qasam se you are a dash... ( I prefer using dash instead of abusive language ) Kabhi palat ke naheen poocha k kidher ho ' I took his class.

' Hittler baat to suno! Main yaheen tha I accept ghalti meri hai. I was out of touched ' He used to call me "Hitler" since the day one & I never being one as i love to be known as "Hitler"

' Hitler was my favourite' I said.

' Ya i know you are Hitler to be na' He was making fun of me.. :(

' Aur batao? Sab theek? Kia chal raha hai' I try to use no-formality tone of mine as I feel more comfortable without it.

' Kuch naheen bas aj kal ... kuch khas naheen' He said but all of a sudden i knew "kuch to hai jiski parda dari hai". So I changed my tone and throwed direct questions one after the other, and as I wanted he got confused and finally he answered what I wanted to know. I was happy for him.

He updated me with all he was having in his life and with that I had to drop the call as I was then having low balance :( . We said "good-bye's" and dropped the call. After a minute or two I received a message. I clicked the right-button and read the message with a smile on my face it said;

20 mins wid wud b Hitler. Wow.
Thanks alot man .
And sorry fr my mistake of being out of anything.

I typed;

No need to say thanks. Was fun talking to you man!
Lov ya!

Old friends... =) no matter after how long we talk.. Its good talking to them.No?


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P.s.s(Thanks Asbah for introducing spell-tool)


  1. hehe you know why i always love reading blogs? because they're personal accounts. Personal feelings!

    Never knew you'd post word-to-word messages too :P

    and it was great talking to him after a long time and I am really grateful :)

    Love and wishes!

  2. its a feeling i lived this weekend .. wen i talked to 2 of my best school time frnds on a conference call !! it was crazzy :D

  3. I could guess by the way of your presentation that it was you ... dont have time to read it now ... will read it tomorrow ...
    It must be good :)

  4. I couldn't take my eyes off it..
    this was so captivating..

  5. this was just lovely..

    i know its a personal .. but it was just lovely .. its so nice to speak to old friends.. and u know even u dont speak to them for a while u can still start off from where we left off.. :)

  6. it was something so very real and you brought it out as it is which made it such an interesting read..

  7. not a single spelling mistake my dearest chote ustaad....yeyyyyy!! pat on the back...*jumps up and down with joy*

    as far as the post is concerned...loved reading it...thts the beauty of personal posts....i second asbah...u tend to find similarities...unlike stories...n suddenly you find yourself playing the protagonist...n your scenes playing before your eyes...n thats why the whole thing becomes such an entertaining affair....keep going on it insi...shaabash!


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