March 4, 2009

Reason for missing u

I can survive and still live though you are gone, doesn't really matter, my heart won't shatter, what if i am alone. Let the flowers bloom let the birds chirp... I won't drown in gloom. Let the wind whisper sweet nothings, let the cloud flirt the fragrance, the lilting melody, the nightly croon. Nothing can make me miss you, nothing can sway,


It rained today.......


read it somehwere or somebody told me... yaad nahi .... uper sey it rained today toh aiween post ker dia .... and yeah yeah i know i do miss you whether it rains or not ... but this is true when ever it rains it brings a pain along.... it hurts more then it usually does... maybe coz we have lot of memories with it ...pata nahi yaar... but .... hmmm kuch nahi ... khush raho... and i do hope and pray that you are fine.... and obviously I STILL LOVE U !!


  1. beautiful lines there...welcome aboard..

  2. thanks alot ... and not one of my good posts ... but wanted to post this so did !!

    and glad to be aboard =) !!

  3. Welcome ... a good write ... achha laga padke ...
    Keep writing ...

    Did it actually rain? I felt it did ...

  4. i really liked it.. short but heartfelt :)

  5. it hasnt rain but after reading this i wish it does and i wish it always does because rains bring the scars on the surface and make me feel that which is gone!

  6. so lyrical. so beautiful!

    Ahhhh the but!!

  7. @tan
    thanks alot ...

    and yes it did rain over here !!

    THANKS ALOT =) !!

    pretty me
    fankk uu

    americanising desi
    aaahhh .... too much pain is also not good for health ...

    yeah the BUT !!

    fankk uu

  8. hey bro..!! Welcome here.. :)
    Can u let us know your name please?? :)

    Lovely lines there.... Very heartfelt..!! :)

    Keep writin more..


  9. beautiful lines.. really makes me go all mushhyyy :)

  10. @arjun
    thanks for welcoming me bro =) !!

    my name is Ubaid Ullah Ahmed... but usually people call me either Ubaid or ubeee ...

    and once again thanks...

    =) ... that was it's purpose !!


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