February 10, 2009


To WL Family,

I am writing this post on behalf of S.a.S after going through your comments and suggestions for the announcement made today. We really appreciate your comments and views. I hope you understand that this is just for the betterment of our lounge. It's giving "us" more importance than "me".

Let me clarify a few things first. We want to read everyone out here and at the same time know each other better. In the mayhem, we are not getting to know a lot of people out here. Some get lost in the heap of posts and we have no choice but skip them coz of the paucity of time. This will help us go nowhere and we need to use this little space of ours to the maximum. A little sanity and attention to the fact that we dont copy and paste everything from our blog will help this blog go a long way. Let's use this space for experimenting, for trying out new stuff, for knowing each other better and making this space the most sought after. You are free to post the stuff you experiment out here on your personal blogs. We have no right to and dont intend to stop you from doing so as well friends.

Still, considering the fact that people dont always prefer to go out of the lounge and visit other blogs, we declare the lounge open on weekends for your personal blog posts. So every weekend you could share with other lounge members what you feel is the top post/s from your blog to showcase in front of others here. This will ensure that people here dont miss your best stuff that you posted on your blog and want the lounge members to read as well. It would be great if we could consciously try not to clutter the lounge with too many posts from your blog on weekends....And weekdays can be reserved for experimentations, themes and other stuff which will help us learn new stuff. We also would encourage a post wherein you could tell us about yourself in the comments section, helping all of us know you better.

The Writers lounge rocks..n u guys make it rock!!

Cheers!! Happy Weekends :-)

Sandeep Asbah Ste


  1. another plan in process please wait for that too ;)

  2. nnice idea bro......sounds good.....weekends at lounge....i like it as well

  3. Sorry if this idea displeases someone... But if the blog is getting over-crowded with posts, can we not have some limit on maximum posts/ per day or week per person? I know this may not be encouraged by all bcoz writing comes intuitively any moment but at such times, we could always write and save drafts for later posting.

    Its an idea absolutely open to criticisms. If it makes sense, then it can be implemented...

  4. Looks like Change is here to stay!!! :D Yes, we can!

  5. i always limit to 1 post per day... but still we will have atleast 25-40 posts everyday,,, something more constructive needs to be thought... weekend lounging or weekend + two days a week is fine.. that gives us 4 days a week to post n all days to read and comment :)

  6. ok my interpretation of the entire announcement is-

    1) we will be experimenting with our creativity in the lounge with tagging, relaying and other good stuffs.

    2) We are not allowed to bring old stuff from our individual blogs , but what we write on the lounge can be posted by us on our blogs later on.

    3) weekends we are allowed to post some nice-to-read stuff from our blogs.

    4) Writer's lounge is open to more suggestions :)

    I think that's it.. did I miss out on anything.. :)

    one of the positives I can take out of this entire thing is we got more time to improve upon our work, get more time to spend on each posts, get more time to learn from each other and get more time to enjoy the lounge experience. Thereby, making the lounge more exclusive than ever.
    wow! sounds like an election speech ;)

    but I really mean it guys.. we are thankful to the admin of Writers' Lounge for putting in so much of thought, efforts and patience.

  7. grammar correction :)
    one of the positives I can take out of this entire thing is that now we get more time to improve upon our work, more time to spend on each posts, more time to learn from each other and more time to enjoy the lounge experience. Thereby, making the lounge more exclusive than ever.
    wow! sounds like an election speech ;)

  8. @blogger singh

    a big hug for that...you got it exactly right kajal...every word....this is a part of our constant endeavour to make this lounge of ours the "bestest" in blogdom...n we would want support of people like you to spread this message to someone who violates and explain things to new joinees. It wouldnt be possible for us to notify new members everytime n we know that everyone out here wud be more than willing to explain what we stand for to the newcomers ;-)

    for people who still have doubts...refer pink orchid's interpretation above....purrrrfffecccttt!!

  9. @kajal

    sandeep asbah n ste return that thanks with a big hug ;-)

    hugs n love from our side...rock on!

  10. @kajal / @ S.a.S

    Hey thats well said :)

  11. @Sandeep: awwweeee.. hugs Sandeep, asbah and ste back... (stibu it is :)

    wow! i am so happy i got the interpretation alright.. :)

    hey and you more or less charted out my responsibilities as the self-appointed receptionist @Writers' Lounge :)

    we love this place.. :)

    mur jayenge, mit jayenge,
    par WL ka jhandaa humesha uncha rakhenge !! :D

  12. oooh kk now i know y the college's principal is Prof. Sandeep..lol.. :P
    He makes good speeches and take all the faculties and students together ;)


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