February 10, 2009

To the WL family - Important Announcement.

To the WL family,

We call this our second home. It has always been a place to unwind for us. We have grown at a frantic pace and have more than 80 members on board with us. Since some have been with us since the first day, and some are new to the gang this is a right opportunity to tell you all about our lounge and things it stands for. It was started off by Sandeep, Stephen and Asbah on 16th July, 2008. This date will be forever etched in our memories because it was this day that the three of us had dreamt about a place which would be our extended family. A lounge where people would experiment and think beyond the obvious. A place where people would be willing to take up challenges at the drop of a hat. A place where people can explore new genres they would never have dared to. A place where the whole WL family could conspire and crack jokes, pull legs, have fun and form bonds that transcend all boundaries. We had started off with our very first contest, which saw only Sandeep and Asbah participate. No one had commented on the stories back then. You can see our very first contest and their entries here:

Best in the Lounge Story contest - August 2008

From that time to this day when we got more than 30 entries twice, it has been a fruitful journey. This is a time when we are bubbling with enthusiasm and any contest announced is a big hit, we feel overwhelmed to have started off this blog back then. This blog is what it is today because of you all. And to ensure that it is not typecast into just another group blog and to see to it that it stands apart, we would want your help. We want to make it an aspiration brand among all bloggers. We want people to take notice of the immense talent we have on board. We three were very clear right from the first day that this lounge of ours should not become a “Re-post” option for whomsoever joins it. “Re-posting” would mean writing something for your blog and then copy pasting the same here. If everyone here does the same, things would get really insane. We want you all to write exclusively for the lounge. We want you all to experiment out here. We would facilitate you with themes for the month and you could let your imagination loose and challenge yourself. Please refrain from using this place as a re-posting option. Write something exclusive for your family members and add a line or two at the end with your blog update and your blog link so that people could visit them. Infact every post should contain the personal blog link of the author at the end making it easier for people who liked their work to read more. If we continue to use the lounge to just re-post the same stuff we post on our personal blog, the lounge will become a big mess and things will become unmanageable.

We would want your suggestions as to how best we could ensure that members use the lounge for exclusive works. It can be our own series like the two point someone, adventures of stepman etc. Contests and monthly themes are another way. A relay story series wherein whosoever is passed the next part will have to pen it down and do the same. We have our in-house movie critic as well on board. This is the right time to mould our group blog into something unique and not typecast it like any other group blog. Need more suggestions from you all. We have big plans for our lounge. We are nothing without your support. Writers Lounge Rocks…and you all make it rock! Cheers!


Asbah. Ste. Sandeep


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. i respect the admin's decision..

  3. Whoa!!! The Lounge rocks for sure :)

    There are few things i would like to point out. Pls dont take it as an offense mods. I'm relatively new to the lounge but what was happening here was something akin to a dream coming true for me. Where people read get creative and innovative and comment/suggest/discuss each others work. How ever prolific writer we may be, its nothing when people dont read your work and slowly thats the end of it. Either we stop writing, rant something personal and morose or of something gibberish quality that most cant relate.

    The contests held previously were seriously good and especially the inspiration contest rocked like heaven ;). But in between there were bloopers like Man,Cock,Hen and dumb hero stuff [sorry stepMan - no offense meant :)] which didnt gel that well up here, mostly not that it was too dumb or stupid but because it was kinda an one person issue being forced down. Like in old days as the Kings word used to be the final. Apart from that you three mods have been doin helluva work here...really awesome :).

    And the other issue i noticed is that sometimes there is so heavy posting traffic that its really difficult in keeping pace, especially while at work[ companywallah tension nah hoye!!]and importantly good works get a missing too.

    The other thing which i have observed is the absence of good crticism [thats me included], i agree we are not pro's at it, generally we say whether we liked it,love it,good or bad apart from such generalities it woube really good and helpfull if there is constructive criticism [like the outpouring kajal/orchid received for first story], because that really helps,inspires and improves our work

    rest assured...the lounge rocks...the mods are gods >>> go go go.. S.a.S ... cheers :) .. kings

  4. big a comment, hopefully should be usefull :)frm now i'll address the mods as...S.a.S ... what do ya say!!! :)

  5. kajal...u have the lounge to experiment everything under the sky...n we are with u in tht...

    a group hug to all...

  6. Thats the best idea that i've heard today.
    Lets do this

  7. @kings...

    points well made...its our honour to have you with us here...

    As discussed with you over the chat, series like "2 point someone" and "Adventures of StepMAN" are intended to be relay story kinds...where in we intend to involve each member of this lounge as part of the narrative and weave an imaginary character around him...after the initial few episodes when we have established the connect, we would nominate one member after every post who would have to carry it on n pen the next episode. He or she after writing the story would nominate another person to carry it on...it will work like a tag...so it wud never be one person forcing the issue..it was never meant to be...80 brains together can weave a wonderfully stupid n funny story...n learn a lot of things in the way...thts what our intention is...contests wud happen as usual, but this is a combined effort of so many people n wil always be treasured...

    and hey...thanx for appreciating my outpour on kajal's first story...the intent was what you have mentioned up there...

  8. @riversoul

    yup...together we can..n we will make a difference...

  9. hi mods aka S.a.S
    I m a relatively new member to this family but let me assure you this is like the second home to me..though i dont post too many comments, i m a such a follower of this blog that it shows as my top clicked link at my chrome homepage!
    I was unaware of the past of the blog..of course after reading this post..i know wht it intended to...i respect ur decisions..in future u will see the changes

  10. @anurag

    An Idea Can Change Your Life! : Idea ;-)

    hail hail!

  11. @nav

    its our honour to have followers like you...really appreciate...cheers!!

  12. Well about not cross posting on your own blog, isn't it a fact that everybody here has a reader base apart from WL? then why this restriction of posting only on WL? And about putting your own link at the end of the post... I completely support that, but when u post d same thing on ur blog... why not put up a link for WL as well... this ensures publicity both ways... :P

  13. @akansha

    well....crossposting or whatever...!not every one has a huge or popular reader base..!it was meant the other way..you post a new one on the lounge than post it in the blog...!if the one on your blog is relevant..than its kinda ok to post it here in the lounge... !!! importantly the lounge musnt lose objectivity..thats the aspect needed to be taken care of... as the lounge grows so does the posts. And it would become gibberish sooner or later. Is it not needed to be structured and organized and mutual respect for the common rules here..so that everyone get his/her say.

    And definitely your in the wrong place if you're here just for publicity.

  14. @king
    hey! don't take it in the wrong sense! and fine i get your point about the relevance to the blog... and I take my words back... but ultimately do realise that you and I want people to read what we write... right? It's the criticism and the comments of others that make you grow...

  15. hey!!! suggestions/criticism are fine... am sorry if tht sounded rude...never meant to..thts my point of view..i do agree with you and can understand wht ur trying to point out. I do believe in "criticism and the comments of others that make you grow..."

    well said :)

  16. there is one more issue I wud like to bring upon in consideration of S.a.S
    With too many posts coming in, there are instances when u loose track of the posts..it wid be good if u put a customized search tool (similar to tht of google) to search for posts or bloggers..u see not all the tags are shown at the tag cloud..there are times when u dont find wht u want to read

  17. @akansha..

    i respect your views and they are valid. Kings has pointed it out rightly. We do know that all are here for readers and comments, but using the lounge for that is not the way to get that. You have to understand that its not only about you and me, but more than 80 members...and when all decide to post here it will become a mayhem. There are lots of people who just copy paste stuff that they post on their blog. You can anyday experiment new stuff here and post the same on your blog. This is just a reminder so that we make a conscious effort not to bombard the lounge with same posts as we are on our personal blogs and making things unmanageable for all of us.


  18. @ Nav... If I may talk on behalf of S.a.S (me likey) we are planning to make the labels better..Suggestions for how are always welcome..

    @ S.a.S

    Anything to make WL better :D

  19. I got a doubt though ...

    When I post an article on my blog the non-wl ppl comment on it whereas when I repost the same on wl only wl ppl comment on that post ???

    so what's the disadvantage in re-posting the same ???

  20. Well My Doubt is similar to Akansha :P

  21. yesss...WL is surely d best place..2nd home :)
    first thing i open aftr gmail ven i cum online..
    amazinggg hai...i loveeee WL :) :)

    n i totally agree man...no copy pasting from own blog shud b der!! i guess i m d only one who never ever does dat!! (..coz i dont have my own blog!! hehehe :P )

    WL hi mera sab kuch hai!! ;)

  22. I have a new doubt... I think for reasons provided it makes sense to not flood this place with what you hv already written in ur blog... Else i would flood this up tomorrow itself :D

    But then would it not make sense that after I post something on the WL, I put it up on my blog coz I hv frnz who like to read what I write? Who r not voracious readers but they read what I write maybe bcoz they r frnz... I feel this place shd be for unique postings which may later be put on ur blog...

    This gives one more advantage - stuff like StepMan will not be reposted.. While generic stuff can be... But yes, it shd be first written here n then on the blog else new comers like me would copy paste their entire blogs at the lounge... Ask me ;)

  23. me likey too! the S a S hehe!! thankyou people :)

    Anurag & Akansha, Kind has replied in the best fashion possible. And Guru (Sandeep) has taken it one step ahead, we dont want it to be a mayhem na, At our blog we post a lot of ir-relative work, like who'd be very willing to read a very personal rant at WL? we might be reading and even commenting but the thing is that it will be a helluva traffic. As King has pointed off, we'll be very unable to give all the posts the time they need (always happen with me *sad*)

    So, if you're experimemting with something new, (Like I did with the humour genre) post it here, or anything you want others to read, give critic and comment!

    I agree with King here too, we also need a critical view of readers, to helps us grow.

    I was wondering if we could post anonymously to avoid biasness?

    And I am thinking of something else too ;) wait for that!

    *wishes and prayers*

  24. @anurag

    We need to get out to the "me" mentality and think of "us" yaar. It does make sense that you get the wl people to comment on ur work here, but imagine 80-90 of us doing the same. Who all will you comment on? Which all would you read? It would be an endless list of posts...n there will be people who post 10-15 posts in a day as well...which will make things really really messy. We can put up a sidebar of updates, through which lounge members can know that you have updated your blog. That may help them comment on your works. Hope you understand bro.

  25. @shreyans

    totally....we have no issues at all with that...the only objective is to reduce clutter.

  26. i agree with sandeeps relpy and asbahs view .......we have to do something guys ........last month the post count was around 270 + and its around 100 in les than 10 days ....if it goes in this rate ,then obviously it wud create a mayhem ....so have to think over it .....S a S .....LETS DO SOMETHING

  27. i guess every one can keep a gap of 1 week before crossposting on WL or their blog whichever is first... i do it and it helps me improve my write within the week too :) !!

  28. Liked the tagging idea Sandeep :) to write the stepMan series !!

  29. i agree with the suggestions of prats..1 week time..adding to it..we cannot cross post more than say 10 posts in one month...

  30. but guys...i have an real consideration..i understand tht this blog was made to improve all of us as a group...but i have few issues to raise at this point of time:
    1. out of 80 members there are around 20-25 who r very active..and say 5-6 of us are extraordinarily active while the rest come post a few entries a month..n go..not too much into critics and commenting job! this shows an unequal distribution..this can be seen in the no. of posts by various members too.
    2. this blog was made to grow..and it is growing at high speed..now the administrators have to manage growth..you see the members are doing exactly wht needs to be done..only issue is the maintenance part...my point is WL is becoming like Satyam...as Ramalingam said "Its like riding a tiger, where u can't get down without being eaten"..my point here is S.a.S shud look to take one step further to manage this blog instead of stopping members not to post!

  31. @nav

    we are not asking members not to post...we are just asking them not to paste their entire blog on the lounge...in other words...

    the rate of updation of the personal blog should not be directly proportional to the rate of updation of writers lounge for the concerned person...he he...

    lets take this conscious step first..n instill this in every member...then we will slowly but surely ensure better maintenance of this space...with support from all of you....

  32. @all
    Just for the record... I've never posted anything 'out of context' on the lounge...

  33. mods too do have other work apart from the lounge to take care of :)

    So one proper thing is just to follow a simple ethic , as in just post what is the most relevant of your work- a short story,a poem or a brief article..and in case if its too long then a brief write-up would surmise.

    And as akansha and others pointed out, a link to our blog at the end of article would definitely help


    I'm sorry if my words hurt you,there is no need to take back what you said, no one has taken your words out of context at all, this is a place just for discussion and criticism and i respect everybody's point of view :). hope that helps

  34. @kings
    'out of context' simply referred to the kind of posts i have written at the lounge... n it's ok.. :)

  35. All respect to the mods.. :) :)

    I usually post it first here and then re-post it on my blog for other readers of mine.... Now I'll make the time gap larger maybe... :)


    Can i know wat u mean by relevant or irrelevant write ups to post in WL??

    I have a small suggestion....

    2 weeks in a month we shall allow posts on a fixed particular theme.. Maybe in a way that we can have a picture and people would have to make a story or a poem out of it .... The other 2 weeks could be normal...

    In that way, we can achieve wat Sandeep mentions abt experimenting and creativity exploration...
    And each time a particular member would judge the best post... That way, you can manage to keep every one engaged and the reposting problem and hence flooding of the lounge could be greatly reduced...!!

    Think abt it.. :)


  36. @arjun

    brilliant suggestion arjun.

    Since i have already declared the weekends as the time when people can post their peronal blog stuff out here, which means 8 days in a month. However these 8 days should be used

    Rest of the time i.e. the remaining three weeks every month could be used for the suggestion you gave/bi monthly contests/lounge series/relay posts/combined poetry etc. on a rotating basis.

  37. @arjun

    you pointed right, that is not a complete statement,i guess. When i told relevant that meant to the topics being discussed in the lounge.

    In the brief write up i meant that, instead of posting full length article,just the main theme or abstract of your original article which you've written for your own blog.Doing so, interested readers from the lounge might want to check it out for sure.

    This was meant for existing circumstances, but that wont be needed now,as its been decided that personal or topics un-related to WL can be posted on the weekends as said by the mods and also simillar to the suggestion you gave.


  38. @asbah
    thnks a tonne!!

    anonymous and more...thts an idea too!! will tht work :?

    good work mods :)
    way 2 go

  39. hope this weekend thing solves flooding in lounge lets see if it works ....hope it shud

  40. It already has....people are getting to know each other better in the last post here rather than posting stuff from their blogs, which is a good start...n good sign as well. We are really honoured to see that you all are making a conscious effort to make this lounge clutter free and help us make this better...cheers n a big hug to all...as asbah says...*group hugs*


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