February 3, 2009

Slow Poison!


You are killing me,
slowly and conciously,
as each day i am living,
without you is hard,
but when its with you,
its evn worse,
when you are apart from me,
I am unable to feel,
anything but you,
and when you are with me,
it's again you i am surrounded with,
i dont like life this way,
you knw!
When you are present with me around me,
losing you or getting apart fears me!
And this just tears me,
reading me through these lines,
getting happy and you're enjoying,
Smilin beautifuly,
or you may be laughing,
but its me who's facing,
you are important,
evn wen i dont want so,
i know we'll be apart,
stop this fear of mine,
come and tell me its so fine,
oh! My loved one!
The slow poison of mine!
by me do comment!


Words Count:137


  1. insiya right? :)

    loved it again... sort of sad inspiration na... yet ur words, they like speak to me! :)

    there are some spelling errors, but the emotion pours out. esp the lines,

    when u r present with me around me,
    losing you or getting apart fears me.

    delicate rhyming too! :)

  2. @ LEO!(i dun knw ur name)
    thanks its just i wrote after gettng up in the morning while i was nto eve out of my bed without washng my face i just wrote it ( how gandi bachi i am) :)!

    thanks for liking it...

  3. sad poem

    i love my sis writing happy inspirational poems.....so bit didnt like it ok

    but was a gr8 poem insi

  4. my name is vinay(its in the pic itself)! :D

    its ok, even i lounge with my lappy early morning sometimes! :D

  5. Thanku vinay for makn feel bettr (teln me im nt d only gandi bachi)

  6. well well .. some one on a prowl to kill me with her words !! sachchi .. u speak so close to my heart .. i want to extend it a bit in my words.. maybe i will do that and schedule it for later posting ..

  7. Another one from you :) how di u manage to write so many? And hey the structure of ur poems attract me everytime :)

  8. @ Preety!

    sure dear you can... i gav u d rights :P ;)

  9. @ nan!

    I dont write dear ( i knw it sounds too bookish) but blv me it true words force me to write!

  10. @illusion : forced to write . thats wat i use for my writes ..

  11. :D so ur the same... just like me :P lov ya


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