February 3, 2009

A Tribute to Womanhood!!

I wrote this one somewhere down 2004 when Congress President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi emerged victorous amidst a huge political turmoil..I have never been politically inclined towards Congress but her unanimous triumph in the Union elections left me spellbound...and i just couldn't resist penning down my proud sentiments for this admiring lady.Here it goes...

" She is an inspiration for women,

who elevated to power defeating all men,

she had a pitiable and painful history,

that turned her life into an unending mystery,

she fell in love and, married an indian,

and there off started a new life,

she lapped her husband's dying mother,

earnestly supported him who had by then:already lost his dearest brother,

she witnessed a new era of indian politics,

while her husband rose to power defeating all critics,

but yet again, she faced an assassination,

which put an end to all her fascinations,

she lost her loving husband and became a widow,

left behind with two growing kids coupled with past dreadful shadows,

she nurtured them well,

till they matured intelligently well,

and ultimately joined the indian politics on public demand,

with a dream of mustering Congress under her command...!!"


  1. A nice tribute :)
    There were some typos though :)
    live instead of love
    and he instead of she (the assassination part)

  2. a very powerful poem mohita.. but yes the typos need to be corrected... :)

  3. @ Nan, the pink orchid

    Thanks buddies..
    As always, your comments, suggestions and criticisms welcomed.

  4. i liked this one .. nice

  5. good one..eloquent and brief history of sonia at its best :) gr8goin...

  6. simple and nice! lovely mohita!


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