February 1, 2009

Inspired to love… by someone I’d loved!

You walked into my life, you filled it with love
Or so I thought…
Then one day, for someone else, you left me
All distraught…
I’d thought if there ever was true love in this world
T’was you and me…
But you took away my heart, and then shattered it

It rained the day you left, not from the heavens
But from my heart…
Tears of blood, and my million dreams
Just fell apart…
Dreams of the life that I’d have spent with you
By my side…
Of the day when you’d say your vows and kiss me—
Your bride…

Alone, numbed with pain, along life’s troubled road
Each day, I dragged on…
I waited for you to come and hold me in your arms
But you were long gone…
I wanted to cry, but my tears had dried up
With time…
How much longer could I hopelessly hope
For you to be mine?

You probably weren’t the one for me, but I’d
Got it all wrong…
How much happier, then, I’d be when
The right one comes along…
From the few beautiful moments spent with you, a lesson
I surely got to learn…
You broke my heart once, but now you’ve inspired me
To, once again, love and be loved in return…

PS: To the person who broke my heart, and taught me that if I was so happy loving the wrong person so much, how much happier I'd be when I find the right one! Strange isn't it?

Word Count: 214


  1. beautiful....and :O i was abt to post a poem on same topic i mean exactly same abt someone who broke my heart...now i guess i have to search for a new inspiration....but good to know someone thinking alike :-)

  2. longing and lovelorn.... its true what you have said in the end, but there is catch to it.

    There wont be the same amount of trust anymore. Suspicion and depression will become part of the life, very difficult recover back to normal again. The most important thing would be the mindset, i dont think, especially for girls to suddenly stop thinking about they loved so dear and find a new love interest. Human minds are so complex !!!!

    the right one...there is no right one dear...

    but good choice of words and nice rhyming... :)

  3. thank you for writing this neha.. brings back a lot of faded memories.. :) god bless!!

  4. its not strange .. but its a good thing for you to realize this .. signs of acceptance and moving on !! and den, each relation teaches you a lot of things .. :)

  5. yes its painful though....and kan dont think of ur past yaaa ...i told u yesterday naaa.

    and neha ...u call this childish .....dumb u r ....this is a perfect entry for a contest ...has everything and a message and i liked the way u derived inspiration from it ..... :)

  6. @Stibu: ya i remember stibu.. orchid is alright... :)

  7. @ kan

    i do hope that orchid is alright after that discussion ok .....

  8. i read the ps and got a shiver down my spine and then goosebumps!

    what truth :) beautifulest!

  9. omg...tere charan kahaan hain...charan kahaan hain....kahaan hain tere charan...hail venky..hail venky

  10. Sorry ;)..if my previous comment was harsh..., it was a personal feeling... Strange is the person who broke your heart,human feelings look good when seen in poem but it must have been very hard for the person to undergo the same.., be glad you've learnt and felt.... the right person is nothing but you...love yourself..you'll realise what all you have been losing....

  11. @ everyone

    Thanx for your kind words of praise... they mean much more to me than anything else!

    @ mysterious gal
    Am glad to know someone thinks alike!! I hope, however, that you have not gone through the same... coz it is killing...

    @ illusion and nan

    @ pretty me
    So true! But it's too much pain to bear... despite the lessons...

    @ pink orchid
    don't let your memories hurt you..
    Let me confess: as I was composing this, tears automatically welled up in my eyes...
    But try and move on... there are many more people in your life who care too much about you... you can't afford to let them down!

    @ Asbah and Ste
    Thanx u guys... m glad you liked it! This poem sort of symbolizes a "closure" for me.

    @ Kings
    What you said is partially true. I may not be able to love someone as much. But I read a line which lingered on in my mind as I wrote this. It said: I believe I could never love anyone else except you. But I will, because I love to prove myself wrong.

    A broken heart is truly the greatest inspiration...

    @ Balu
    Thanx... par yeh kuch zyada ho gaya!

  12. wow.. that truly touched me... there's a lot of love and affection inside your heart dear.. am sure you ll find the right one soon and be in love like never before....


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