February 2, 2009

My Butrfee !

My Butrfee!
I can feel her still,
She, so dead in my hands,
Thought i didn't mean too,
But she was killed by me,
As I took her breath,
Butrfee! I am so sorry,
Holding you in hands,
And feeling you,
Was a dream of mine,
But seeing you dead,
This reality holds my breathe,
Your wings were my inspiration,
Easpecially the design and combination,
They were like you Butrfee!
Beautiful and adorable,
I know its so bad of me,
The apology of mine,
After killing you,
But Butrfee!
PLease Beleive me!
Losing you was even worse for me!
As I still miss you!
Even after so many years!
You inspire me
Oh my butrfee!
I love you!
Words Count:116
Dear readers i dedicate this poem to the butterfly (butrfee) killed by me her feel is still with me..


  1. awwweeeee cho cute.. :)

  2. cuteee and sweet .. it has a tinge of pain in it ..

    but whats with the spellings dearie ??

  3. Loved the sentiment of the poem and the uniqueness of it all..

    The spellings are kinda killing it! Small silly ones but please correct them!

  4. sweet.....silly spelling mistakes exist..but this one is so sweet that it overshadows the silly mistakes....u will surely improve on ur spellings in due course...till then dont stop...keep churning out stuff...

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