February 3, 2009

If you think, you can..

If you think, you can
For there is a day after every night
If hopes are intact then
The chances of goal attainment are all bright

If you think, you can
You can break mountains into stones
It’s in your hands
Do not leave your hopes

If you think, you can
You can overcome your sorrow
And your tears can turn into smiles
You can regain your lost glories tomorrow

If you think, you can
You can carve a stone into a statue
A pain filled soul will work hard
Patience and dedication is a prized value.
But only if you think you can,

If you think you can
then you will,
For “I can’t” is meant for weak,
You are strong, so don’t give up the thrill!


  1. Wow! ste!

    its so beautiful!

    sach main its lovely!

    soo cuteee!

    so wonderful...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This indeed is a brilliant write .. Simplr inspiring .. an anthem kind :)

    but i found xtra words at some places.. poetry shud be bit precise.. leave out and, then n all at times to make it crisp .. found this at two places in ur poem ..

  4. Simple and sweet..No frills and yet effective .... Nice job!

  5. stepCOCK....YES WE CAN....you are too good stepCOCK...amazing one stepCOCK...u r really super amazing stepCOCK...too good stepCOCK ;-)

    seriously...good one...i second prats...its an anthem kinds...bade chalo...bade chalo...keep it coming stepCOCK...

  6. Superb mann .....If you think you can ...lovely line :)

  7. ste... gr8 goin...could have added more punch...at some places de words were outta sync(meant rythm)...but the end idea was good...i think i can,,i say :)

  8. This one can be composed into a song :) I was watching an episode of The Amazing Race on AXN after which I read this poem and it felt so apt for the series!


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