February 2, 2009

A Place So Dear To Me.

Every day, I go to this place,
It sets a smile upon my face,
It shows me words so nice,
Highest praise wouldn’t suffice.

It makes me write a lot more,
It is like a pearl in my heart shore,
Full of angels, it is heaven dear,
Far away friends, just seem so near.

A little sadness, laughter a lot,
Of friendships anew and never forgot,
A lot of fun, just being together here,
Making one smile, wiping their tear.

A second home, to many I know,
They share with us, their thoughts so,
It is a place, that is full of desire,
A little palace, which does indeed inspire.

A hub of talent now, many more to see,
It has been a place, very dear to me,
Now and always, close to my heart it shall be,
A place where there is no I, only WE.

To the Writers’ Lounge… 
We Read, We Write, We Inspire & We Lounge!


  1. accept a bow ..leo... awesome doesnt even begin to define the poem...:)

    the lounge is indeed a second home!

  2. i knw its close to us
    our second home ...and place where we use we instead of i

    nice bro

  3. Leo... I love you!

    We are definitely close. We know not by names but the souls. We know not by faces but by dis pics! We know the heart, we know the pain. We know the true you!

  4. Leo !!1 you said my heart here ... i just love this place and so many of the members here .. muaaahs and hus to all .. and a special one for you to write this :)

  5. thanx a ton for dedicating this one to our WL...it feels so great...from a time when we were egging people to comment and join....from a time when the contests declared would see nil participation...from a time when me, asbah n ste had resolved not to stop n go on...to this time when we have people jumping in at the mere mention of contests...n to this time when people are actually dedicating poems to our lil baby....to this time when our family has grown and we can proudly call ourselves "we"...welcome to the family leo ;-)


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