February 3, 2009

Final Announcement... Inspiration Poetry Contest.

Hey folks, 

Another day, and another successful contest will be at a closure. This announcement is for informing you all, that the Inspiration Poetry Contest will end tomorrow, the 4th of February at 8PM IST. As of this moment, we have had 21 entries for the contest, with quite a few more to come I believe. It has been a very inspired couple of weeks, and we thank you all for your support.

Those who are yet to mail us the entries, please do so before the afore mentioned date and time. Inspirational poems are welcome to be posted at the lounge after that also, but only entries mailed before then will be considered for the contest. 

Thanks again.

Writers' Lounge Admin.

PS: There was a poem not related to the contest, it has not been deleted, just rescheduled to be posted after 8PM tomorrow. 


  1. I am yet to mail .. will do that today fr sure :)

  2. i have never had so much fun in any contest i ever was a part of.. the lounge rocks and i am so inspired (in the true sense of the word) after reading such insightful and intellectual poetries.. :)

  3. stepCOCK...stepCOCK...stepCOCK...inspiring every soul...stepCOCK...stepCOCK...stepCOCK...

    ha ha ha (evil laughter)

    on a serious note...all the best to all....may the best win!! cheers!

  4. All the best PPL ;)

    there was nothing as inspiring as to read all the entries related to inspirational topics,thoughts,emotions positive and dark. It was one helluva ride noting that every hour or so new topics came to be posted here. and cant stop agreeing to pink orchid.. Inspiration was shown in the widest and truest sense as possible and not just the literal meaning.

    Truly Inspired :)

  5. its really a nice contest
    lot of good poems are come in this contest now waiting for results


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