February 3, 2009

My first poem

A hobby i had
to read all good,
born from it,
a desire to write,
express,react and
pen memories...

He smiled
on the idea,
quite amused
by my sudden zeal;
"what can you
write any way?"

Hurt but not
a poem i wrote,
about me and him,
For challenging me.
It inspired me to pen
a "thank you" ode to you

He smiled again,
now proudly. for me
and my write.
I blushed,
my spirits soaring,
glad for his liking.

PS : This is a true account of how i started writing poetry about two years back !!


  1. Hi!
    Lovely blog.
    Cute poem :)
    I write too. can i join your blog ??
    Check out my blog!

  2. aweeee... beautiful Prats... such cuteness and innocence.. :)

  3. @ Cursed .. please leave ur mail id in the shout box.. admins will invite you :) thanks for the visit :)

  4. Thats short and as cutesie...,as it gets.. sweet one: )

  5. Awww! Kinda similar to how i started... =)

    Why do they challenge us? TO bring out the best in us, I guess :)

  6. thanksie Pink !! I will always be thankful of this friend of mine to open a new world for me .. or how else would i have been here ??

  7. prats, i am glad u started poetry!

    i loved this piece, esp. bcoz its the starting point of the queen's journey!

  8. true said Raash.. sometimes challenges bring the best out of us.. like this contest brought out this cute poem...

  9. thanks Akanksha ..

    @Leo : well, u need to see the first poem i wrote ... will post it someday...


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