February 7, 2009


There is this feeling
for a really long time
can't shake it off
or stop thinking about.
Wondering what is happening
why is Life so demanding
or do we make it so

Shuddering at the very thought
facing the dilemma of what is ought.
Like a mad man down the road
running helter skelter
are our wrecked thoughts
good or bad, laziness creeps.

Inept are we
in our action and words,
always on the verge of lies
shillyshallying obligations
unto us and others
making mockery of all

the inclination to escape
present realities
into our own world 
of imaginations and fantasies
to assuage our thoughts
is everpresent as ever

Is the notion due
to pure haziness
on our part.
Is shying away
from responsibilities 
show the right

The tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in daydreaming, fantasy, or entertainment.


  1. Kewl poem! voiced my thoughts! Dey r everpresent in ma mind! Luvd it Kings!
    Made me think of Linkin Park's "RunAway"! :)

  2. Whoa!!this is something so fresh n novel!A good poem with a good theme.You know this poem o yours has more than on dimension,n thats the catch,Nice work boi!!

  3. Innovative.
    It exuded an exquisite freshness..that was so captivating.
    I re-read it thrice.

  4. @maverick

    thank you, trying my best..i was able to relate v well to that bcoz i'm foremost among the escapists...usually i daydream or take a book out and read to escape from the daily life ;)

  5. @anchita

    being a foremost escapist myself, i just poured my thoughts..and thts how i feel..sometimes guilty as hell..sometimes just wanna get outta this routine life...

  6. @mohita

    thank you very much ;) humbled

  7. lovely.. life in its full form :)

  8. Hey great poem.. Exactly what is goin on in my minds since few days.. Very well expressed in words...


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