February 7, 2009

For a start :..(

I have nothing to hide
or even much to inspire
it is a never ending game
human greed is to blame
we settle for no less
though gods are there to bless
we wrought this very strife
always beckoning us grief
demanding for more
all we get is bloody gore
Why is there no peace
and all in one piece
across the world
not just back here
its in mumbai, its in bihar
its in assam, its in orissa
its in kashmir,its in lanka
its in palestine,its in africa
its in tibet,its in georgia
its become common everywhere
Isnt it so foolish
yet seemingly ghoulish
the only way
farfetched though
is to educate one and all
with no polarity
or any obscurity
Just thoughts wont do
bit of action can help
for a start
it aint that hard
let all of us
unfailingly and duly
exercise our right,
the franchise to vote
so there is a change
atleast in our mindset,
trickling it may be
but much needed
to start with!


  1. we settle.... bless

    lovely lines .. wish i cud copy n keep dem ...

  2. A meaningful thought wrapped in a beautiful expressive bouquet of words! Excellent! :)

  3. It reminds me of some historic oratory,very thoughtful,Jah-bless!

  4. only if we could answer these quesitions.. you have done full justice to the topic in hand.. kudos!


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