January 16, 2009


Why do I call for you?
When I know you aren't there,
Why do I wait for you?
When I know you aren't coming back,
Why do I love you?
When all you make me do is cry...

All you left me were the broken ties,
No longer does the smile reach my eyes,
I assure myself that I am fine,
But why is there always an incomplete line?

Darkness grips me like never before,
Afraid of drowning I look for my shore,
They said, Love was a rose with just some thorns,
But then why did I see death before it was born

Why can't I forget you?
When all you said was lies,
Why is it so hard to let go?
When nothing is left to linger on,
Why do I still care for you?
When I know my worries never bothered you,
Why is it that I still love you???


  1. yo shwetha. missed you all day girl..and you are back with a painful one.

  2. were you writing this all day ?? impressive !!! hows your hand now ??

  3. i just wrote an extension to this .. wanna read ?/ can i post ??

  4. pain so intensely porryed dat I can feel it while reading! wonderful write, Shweta!
    Btw its my first day at the lounge! And am already meetin sum of the best talents I hav eva seen! :)

  5. @prats

    frm ven do u need permission sweets....post it nw...my hand is...hmmmm....dnt knw u can call it bettr :P....n nooo i wrote this in 10mins...i was bored during the practical... :)

  6. @kajal

    thanks dear...my practicals gng on..so was missing...n thanku...

  7. @aparna

    thanks a lot dear...i am glad u liked it...

  8. @maverick

    thanku so much maverick...welcome to the lounge and yes i agree it has loaaaddddsss of talent...


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