January 16, 2009


Since dis seems to b a season of replies, ill let dat motivate me to write a reply back to Rashi! I hav already written dis in da comments section of her poem bt still.....! Rashi wrote this

For long I have been in search,
Of Someone to heal my wounds,
To help me to my feet,
To regain lost ground!

In you I hope to find,
That twin soul of mine,
In need Ill always be,
Of you, everywhere I see!


  1. wondeful one !

    great...evryone here r singing and humming poems...lounge became a poetry hub
    what will writers like me do..hmm

    what's ur name maerick?

  2. Thx so much Aparna!
    Name's Gaurav aka MaV or Maverick!
    Writrs like u can thrive on da fact dat we poets and many oders luv to read stories too! nd I'll let u in on a secret! I write stories too! so.....shhhhhh! :P

    @ Prats
    TY! :)


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