January 16, 2009

Why? A Reply...

Your heart tells you, I am there,
You call for me, to be by your side,
I never did tell, I am not coming back,
If I did, then you know I must have lied.

You wait for me, to come to you,
You wait since your heart tells you I will,
I might make you cry sometimes,
That does not mean I do not love you still.

You tell yourself that all is fine,
That shows the trust you have in me,
If I were to lose that trust, love,
The biggest fool on earth, would I not be?

I did leave you once, my love,
I did not want you to live in pain,
I realize now that I made a mistake,
I want you forever by my side again.

If darkness grips you like never before,
Can’t you let me once more show you light?
I made mistakes, in this beautiful love,
Can’t you give me one last chance to put it right?

You tell you can’t forget me,
But I cannot forget you too,
I am finding it so difficult love,
Because in every heartbeat of mine is you.

I know I did lie to you, darling,
I thought the truth would take you away,
Now I know I was wrong, for you are my love,
Was, is, and will be till my dying day.

You say that you still love me,
Those words I am happy to hear,
Now on, I’ll not make mistakes with you,
Forgive me, please my love my dear.

Reply to Tweety's post just below :D


  1. i said i hate u fr this poem...u knw y...cuz u express my depest desires into ur poems...k no coments on that but yes....u do...and i hate the fact...in all ur past replies to my poems i have been speechless and in this i am spellbounded...i cldnt have had a betr reply....u make me soooo happy vinay...thanks svts...luv u for this....a big hug...cheers :P :) ;)

  2. that's a good one leo
    ppl make mistakes in love and the realisation later is that which counts

    u make everyone smile with ur replies

  3. you know wat leo ,,, leave it ,,, just nothing !!

  4. @leo: exactly what I wanted to say -what prats has already said..

    "you know what Leo - leave it- just nothing"

  5. thanks shwe...! :)

    nice that u hated me first, then liked my poem, and finally me also!! :)

    pen more happy poems that leave me spell bounded! :)

  6. thank u aparna... i try my best! :)

  7. leave it?
    no no... tell me na pratsie... how was my poem?

  8. leave it?
    no no... tell me kajal... how was my poem?

  9. well its a stor behind my feelings .. will tell sm other time... the poem was just heartfelt....


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