January 29, 2009

Member of Month - Jan 2009 Leo & Prats...

Writers Lounge is succesfully entering its 6th month .We already had 5 member of month contest.This time ,its really difficult to say that there was a tough contest between Leo and Prats for the title.But ,both of them came out as winner.The Member of month for January 2009 is Leo and Prats.You both will get this badge

Poll Statistic

1.Leo & Prats - 56(33%)
2.Rashi - 15(8%)
3.Arjun - 11(6%)

We would like to thank everyone who participated in MoM polls and all those who voted.

The MoM - Feb polls will be starting from today and following members based on their activities on the previous month are considered.

The winners of a MoM poll will not be eligible for next months MoM poll.This is the reason why Leo and Prats name are not there in the list.

Member of Month from August 2008

August 2008 - Sandeep Balan
September 2008 - Sandeep Balan
October 2008 - Sandeep Balan
November 2008 - Priyanka
December 2008- Ste
January 2009 - Leo & Prats

Have a great day,
The Writers Lounge team.


  1. thanks for the badge! :)

    its an honor to share the title with queen prats! :)

    thanks to all who voted for me!

  2. Congrats Vinay and Pratibha ... You both were deserving ... I must say lots of people like you mates here ... this is why people voted and revoted for you two ... Congrats again ...

    Keep blogging and keep the lounge moving, for it moves along with you and all of us too ...

    Have fun and keep it up :)

  3. Shocked ...
    Too happy to say anything...

    Just a sincere thans to one and all who voted for me ... I never expected i am loved so much .. and still unsure if m worthy of this .. thanks ALL :)

    hugs !!

  4. My heartiest congratulations to both the winners.

    Both of you are equally deserving of the honour.

  5. leo and prats: ..congratulations... very very well deserved!!!!!!!!
    *group hugs*

    luv you guys.. :)

  6. leo and prats: ..congratulations... very very well deserved!!!!!!!!
    *group hugs*

    luv you guys.. :)

  7. congrats prats and leo
    but iam hoping my name as the nominees in the feb MoM
    Maverick is there and he comes to lounge after me
    me bhi kafi active hu lounge par
    chalo ab aur nahi bolata varna
    sab fir mujhe hi kuch bolenge
    ok koi bat nahi
    jo hota hai acche ke liye hota hai

  8. hey congrats prats and leo
    and i am amazed to see the number of votes

  9. Congrats both leo and prats ....I thought pink orchid deserved it too though

    Hey moi nominated this time ..Yaay ...Mere liye Vote karo ppl :P

  10. LEO & PRATS!

    i am sssssssoooooooo happppppppy for pratz!

  11. Hey! Truly truly deserved :D

    Congrats guys

  12. congrats guys! u deserve it Leo & Prats!
    Bt its nt just about the winners, all dose who were nominated nd dose who were active but still misd out on makin it to the nominations due to some reason also deserve a mention.
    For it is da collective effort of all of us dat keep the lounge rocking! \m/
    But sincere and hearty congratulations to Vinay and Prats! :)

  13. so guys added my name as MoM nominee

  14. congrats leo and prats

    both deserved

    am happy for u guys

  15. Although I haven't had the pleasure of reading you two, my hearty congratulations..

  16. Congrats Leo and Prats :)

    Way 2 go....

    as i'm pretty new, yet to read most of your works...anyways..gr8 work...


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