January 23, 2009

My Grandma and HP

Most of us have been admiring models who show up in various ads in various media. Have you ever thought of modeling yourself? Well, if you have not done this and aspire to do so, let me tell you that its not too late. As they say, “Its never too far, from where you are!” Trust me with this.

One of my colleague and friend has found a hidden talent of modeling in his grandmother. She may not be a very famous model, but she is of same caliber, never the less. See this video here for yourself and decide. I just fell at her feet after seeing this – she is beautiful, cute and gorgeous and on top of it she is very talented.

If you like this video, please visit the following link in YouTube and Vote for this video.
My Grandma and HP.
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  1. thanks Tan for sharing this .. it was really sweet :)

  2. yes tan .....applauds to ur frnd .....really nice

  3. hahah ...I love the way she said H.P Rocks at the end ...Mann the hand gesture ...Rotfl...Grandma Rocks too :)

  4. Now i feel like dancing with this grandma... Grandma rocks.. :P


  5. awwwww... HP ROCKS!! AND SO DOES GRANDMA!! :D

  6. Thanks mates ... I will try to convey all your messages to her and hope she blesses us all for loving her ...

    And as you said Pinky, HP Rocks!!! and So does our Grandma!!



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