January 12, 2009

I can't say good bye

Ste's poem showers of pain ended with
'Rains will come and go.
Her memories wont fade'
thats so true you can't say goodbye to that memories
atleast I can't say good bye

I wish to say goodbye
To that image of your face
Which pops up in my dreams
Every now and then...
I wish it would disappear
With a blink of my eyes
But I find myself praying
For just one more sight.

I wish to say goodbye
To the sound of your voice
Which echoes in my ears
Each time I am alone...
I know I shouldnt listen
And not be falsely led on
But I find myself straining
For just one more word.

I wish to say goodbye
To the sight of your smile
Which stares back at me
From my reflection in the mirror...
It reminds me of your existence
Painfully still in my soul
But blinking tears away
I wish for one more smile.

I wish to say goodbye
To the feel of your hands
Which linger on mine
Just like they once did...
Keeping illusions alive
I realize is so foolish
But I still keep hoping
For just one more touch.

I have tried in vain
For days now
I am clueless as to when
I will finally say goodbye...
It seems to me
These sensations of yours,
Will live on in me
Till the day I die.


  1. Hi there,

    Nice composition !! You can never say good bye to the memories , even if you want to, they remain with you always.
    You will have to learn to live with those memories , either good or bad.

    Saying all that cos m doing the same .

    Take care

  2. jack... truly said...

    some memories linger...!

    i esp. liked the ending...! :)

  3. hey.. that was lovely.. n very rightly said.. :)


  4. Our tagline should include we inspire...Bcas we do we do.

    Yes, memories linger on. We are left hanging onto things that fade away and yet the pain is just as raw. The wound remains open..Its just that we get used to it

    great work.. I was reminded of so many things..I am a little overwhelmed right now!

  5. nice poem..there are some things in your life that makes life complete..u can never part with those things! i think this person has also become a part of your life..even if u wish to say goodbye u can't coz if u did so, the whole meaning of your life would have changed
    keep posting

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  7. think of it this way...it would be better to cherish those good old moments down the memory lane than to bid good-bye and forget the taste of those memories forever.

    memories are there to cherish!

    nice poem jack! really 'memorable'

  8. the last para was the best... so true to so many relations..

  9. @ tripti
    i know its very difficult to forget so you have to learn to live with it,
    well i guess when such things occur what hurts the most are good memeories

  10. @leo and arjun
    i am glad you liked it, ya its true i hope that some day that memories stops lingering

  11. @ Rashi
    getting used to it is toughest part i guess, and you are right we surely do inspire each other

  12. @ naveen
    thats so true its like saying goodbye to your other half, but if you have to move on some day you have to or you should get used to it

  13. @ aparna
    i know its always good to cherish the good old memories
    but when such things happen good time spent together is always worst to look back on and remember
    good memories hurt more

  14. jack brilliant bro

    cant be better than this

    our lounge poets r contributing with all gr8 poems

  15. i agree ste,
    we have got amazing pool of poets


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