January 12, 2009

A Very Valid Point!

Saw a comment in my mailbox today because I had enabled email follow up comments to my email after commenting on a fellow blogger's post.  (you can read it below..)

And I absolutely agree that everybody is creative in his/her own unique way.
Please do not hurt anyone's creative sentiments on this creative forum. 
No one has the right to boss around how another fellow blogger writes.
And I guess no one is an English teacher over here. And even if one is, this is definitely not the forum to teach English.

The feature of comments is to give constructive feedback and not to perform an autopsy on a fellow blogger's post.
And well its too much to tell a creative blogger to re-read their own work three times...
Creative people do much more than that when they visualise the new creative thought transforming into words.

I loved the concept of the Writer's Lounge since the day I discovered it because it came out as a platform to network with many other bloggers who are like me and also to enable communication and exchange of new ideas that tie ppl with something common together.
I sincerely hope we try to take the Writer's Lounge to a higher pedestal each day, in terms of spirit of the creative streak each one one of us here and also the people who would join in later are blessed with, in their own unique way. 

Please celebrate the uniqueness and do not make it an autocratic forum coz creativity dies when autocracy sets in...


Shantan, The Showman!! has left a new comment on the post "Spreading Cheer To a Cherished Friend": 

Hi people!!

Great to hear some nice words from u all. Well asbah mentioned a lot of things about my poem with respect to forced rhymes, and use of certain lingo. 

While i respect what she says, i personally believe that each one has their own style of expression. 

And we need to have our own creative freedom to express the way we enjoy.

I dont think we should evaluate people's writing with such literary criticism. Atleast thats what I believe Writer's Lounge is: A forum for creative expression.

What do you all think?

Writers Lounge rocks! Lets keep writing and sharing! :-) 

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Posted by Shantan, The Showman!! to 
The Writers Lounge at January 12, 2009 3:12 AM


  1. Nobody (atleast here) r for discouraging people... I mean, i'm sorry on their behalf if u got disappointed.....
    Different ppl visualize a post in different ways... They write wat they feel.. The point is- if u feel it's constructive and u could incorporate their suggestions, u do it... else if u disagree with their views, continue your way...
    Either way, it'll only benefit u in a way that u can realize how u can improve....

    Howz this for some gyan?? hehe...

    Keep Posting.. :)


  2. nobody in this blog, intentionally will discourage you... its just that most of the time, we write what we immediately feel.

    like arjun says, if u can take it as constructive criticism that will make you a better writer, then it is well and good... if u feel we have made a mistake, and that your style suits u better, then no issues... v like you for your words, ur emotions than grammar or lingo...

    if anyone of our comments have hurt u, in any way, then we apologise...

    take care, and let us see more of your writing here at the lounge. for only if u write more, will u become better..!! :)

  3. C'mon, you can't make everybody happy at the same time... Some may love it! Some may feel an earlier piece was better... It's just opinion, and everybody has one!

    Continue the way you feel comfortable with, listen to others, if it sounds good, take it; if not leave it! No harm done...

  4. I agree with Akansha.. Sometimes we can relate to something and sometimes we cant. Sometimes yr emotions spill out and sometimes there is so much that cant be expressed. We arent here to gain fame or appreciation of all(I hope)

    We are here to share our feelings, our work. We are here to read and try to understand other people and lets keep it light. Take criticisms in the right spirit. We comment coz we care.

  5. Just because one doesn't find your post appealing, please don't feel bad about it.
    I believe that criticism is just a blessing in disguise. Because when a person impulsively says something, its generally true, or atleast what he thinks is true.
    Do not let your creative spirit down by brooding on other's comments. Instead, try to use those remarks to your advantage, and you'll find yourself not just a better writer, but also a better interpreter of other's feelings and thoughts.

  6. i agree with everyone here......

    take the criticism in right spirit...coz our main idea behind creating writers lounge was to share views,help each other in improving works, cultivate frndship, and make this place as interactive as it cud be.....we r sorry if some ones comment may have hurted u :)

  7. coz some ones comment or feedback will only help u to improve ur writing skills and a writer or poet is best known only if he takes criticism in a best right way....we are here to raise the level of our lounge...we already have many talented members and many more will be coming

    lets appreciate others work no matter if u get negative feedback in the process....coz asbah comments has helped me in improving my work ......tc bye all

  8. i personally have benefitted from each critical comment here or anywhere ,,,, but i still feel that each person has own set of opinions... no need to forcefully like them or shun them either :) keep writing n keep commenting :0

  9. i totally agree with everyone here..the comments can never be to hurt you..if it did we do apologize...
    but my personal opinion is , like how ste said that this lounge has so much more than just comments..

    keep writing ya..you have unlimited freedom of expression..flow with the words...
    all my good wishes :)

  10. it so thoroughly saddened me :(

    I am so sorry for hurting your feeling Shantan. when i comment i tell you what i feel about it, and most often than not, i put a end-note telling that everyone has a right to their words and the way they want to treat them, I have absolutely no objection with it, when i comment i just say what i feel, and all in a good-will not meaning to hurt!

    I write because I like what i write, yes it matters sometime what others has to say about a certain post, but mostly it is about what I feel about my writings, please, I once again, apologies, and promise to take care with my comments later on :)

    Thankyou pri for pointing out. :)

  11. Hi everyone!

    First of all, i appreciate priyanka for writing this post. I am sure it has triggerred a perspective from all of us.

    Well i agree with everyone here about constructive suggestions or even critical views that have helped. After all everyone is entitled to their views after reading any post.

    I am fully ok with readers not liking someone's post and leaving comments to that effect. I think thats what is the beauty of WL. Everyone gets a feel of how good/their writings are.

    But i feel good/bad should be a function of what the post made you feel.

    I am not sure if it should be about re-reading a post few times, or using a certain vocab, or taking care of grammar, or using the right kind of rhyming words. That becomes very authoritarian. I was a little upset only because of this...

    It kind of dampened me to see a comment of that kind when I had so much emotion in the poem I had written....

    Remember..we write, not to become good writers.
    We write, because we love writing!!!

    This is the soul of WL.

    Lets maintain it!

    Asbah, u neednt be apologetic. I know you only had noble intentions to help.

    Perhaps we can all bury this issue,and continue to write!
    Just Write!!!
    Write for WL!!




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