January 12, 2009

I Won't Love You Any Less

I see you there,
holding on to another one,
you selfish thing,

all you do is hurt and run.

Bleeding it out,
my heart is piercing through,

You are the reason for the pain,

I just wish you knew.

My emotions stand all alone,
I feel naked, on display,
you ripped me wide open,
stole my soul and went your way.

Leaving tears behind,
all that's left is emptiness,
I'm hurt and shattered,

but I won't love you any less.

This one has been written by Shreya. I'm so proud she wrote such a fabulous one. Achche comments dena warna marunga. :D And no it's not for me, don't worry. :P Bhai creative freedom naam ki koi cheez hoti hai.


  1. Dear Creatively Free Dude
    this is a nice poem..short sweet simple (triple S)...lol...
    loved the last line..after cursing her so much u can still see that misery of not being able to hate the person...happens sometimes.. Dear Creatively Free Dude

  2. oh yes creative freedom naam ki cheez hoti hai..
    wonderfully written..the pain has been picturised so well..
    good work shreya..
    and thanks "the lover" from bringing it here..

  3. shreya, u have a beautiful sense of rhyme...! :)
    how beautifully you have put emotion into the words... hats off to you dear... kudos...

    lover, thanks for bringing this to the lounge...

  4. lovely poem shreya!! truly wonderful...
    ended perfectly...d last para is indeed very touching...loved it.

  5. Ok Dont hit me but the first thought after reading that it was by Shreya was..OMG How amazing are their kids going to write :P

    You blushed, didnt you?

    Now for the comment.. Well I dont know what you did or what you didnt. All I know is that I love you. I wish you loved me back but despite what you did I still love you and always will :)

    As I have repeatedly said I really admire people who can express emotion and rhyme.. And this was just that!! Gr8!

    Accha sa comment tha naa?

  6. hehehehe thank u guys for the wonderful comments...she will be really happy :)

    she wrote 4 more overnight!! i'm getting a complex now hehehe...i'll post more of her work..

    thnx rashi for the thought that our kids r gonna be great poets haha :D

  7. shreya is a wondeful poet...waiting for more of her poems

  8. soo nice... why dnt you tell her to join the community? i will love to read her more n more :)


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