January 11, 2009

Showers of pain

I sit and complain how I hate the rain.
Thinking of ways to get rid of this pain.
Wondering when the heavens will stop pouring.
Haven't I had enough of this lashing and splashing.
And I think of those days.
Oh!!those silly days.
when I loved the rains.

Thinking of rain ,
I recollect my past memories.
when I and she used to travel in a train.
But now,thinking of her causes me pain.
having met on a rainy day,
we made a long stay.
on a lone place where there were just 2.
Gazing deep into my eyes for a while,

Will you forever be mine??she asked.
For you're my love and you're my soul.
So I will be there for you and it wont be foul.
That pretty face with a silent smile.
Revealing what was running through her mind.
Her gorgeous looks and her blue eye,
Flattened me that very night.

Her innocent smile said it all.
feeling her love and her heavenly smile
I enjoyed the shower along the shore
Those rain pours along the shore,
and those heavy rains broke me to the core.
They snatched my love away from me.
Everything went in vain.
The rains ,they drowned me in pain.
Now I hate these pours ,the rain which gave ecstasy and joy.
kills me now and i can just cry.

Why it rained that Day..??
Bring me my love back,
for my love was true and pure.

For she once asked me,
will you be mine forever?.
Now what will she say when I ask her the same.
Rains will come and go.
Her memories wont fade.

Thinking of her....who changed my life...


  1. touchin poem stephan!

    but these lines were the highlight..

    Rains will come and go.
    Her memories wont fade.

  2. a very good poem..feels like its straight from the heart! and dude if that's the case take my advice..life is a journey and you meet a lot of co-passengers in this journey but the destinations of all are different..move on to get to your own destination instead of thinking about others'. so cheer up and enjoy the moment for who knows what's there for the future!

  3. 'Did we ever try to keep our souls one?
    We would have succeeded then..
    even if it was not wanted by the wind,rain and sun,
    They are just not to blamed,we had it weaken,
    Its all our mistake
    that I lie here all forgotten ...,

    Hey reminded of my situation few months back, well i too use to curse rain believe me, but now i know they aren't to be blamed

    and its true memories never fade,

  4. @ste:
    the rains would come and go
    but memories will never fade!!!

    a lot of memories came flashing back, reading this ste..
    all i'd say is that
    when comes our way,
    we change and hearts shine!
    but when we lose it,
    the challenge is in,
    not losing ourselves.

    i heard this somewhere...
    dont be sad that its over,
    be happy that it happened.
    undoubtedly good work ste!

  5. *when love comes our way
    (typos and me, i tell you)

  6. Stephen, next time you say u suck at poetry, i am making "slapping you tight on both cheeks" the first priority when i visit Mumbai and meet you!! :x

    dude this is straight out of the heart!! so beautiful!

  7. wow man..!! Awesome.....

    Cut down on a few stories n write more such poems... Or dont cut down on anything n write more such poems....
    Loved reading it...


  8. U love this pic don't you heh?

    Anyways was pretty good mann ...but guess I had read it earlier on your blog ??

  9. Love, rain and pain somehow go hand in hand..

    I agree with Leo but the difference is that I'm in Mumbai and can slap you the minute I meet you.. So yeah shut up and just write :)

  10. oh leo

    see i still say that i suck at poems ..... :p

    no yaar... it wud be unfair if i start writing poems ....wht will leo,rash,priyanka,prats,pink orchid and tan do haan :p
    we better stick to humour thing :p like sandeep malan


    achha u guys have a plan of slapping me or what :0 ...

  11. anurag

    yes i did post on my blog few months ago
    yes i like that picx

  12. thanks a lot jack,naveen,kajal

    i wrote just like
    some random thoughts

  13. hey leo

    its unfair
    slapping on both cheeks y

    one cheek wont do or wht :p lol

  14. ok u get spl discount, 1 cheek only pakka! :P

  15. special discount offer is over

    slap on 1 cheek and get another on the 2nd cheek for free..

    hey stephan
    came searching for this one of urs ...i find it finally

    thinking of writing these lines on a greeting card for a friend....do u mind?...i hope it's not plagiarism


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