January 22, 2009


"Everything in life tells you a story," she said looking up from her coffee,"you just have to find it, search for it."

"Why is everything a philosophy? Can't you let somethings go?" I retort back.

"Then what would be the point of it happening?" That smug look on her face I could only see faintly.

It was 3am. And we were sitting on her terrace talking. This had become a feature. She was 6 yrs younger to me and yet sometimes she seemed so much older and wiser. We used to sit like this whenever her exams came near. She would study sipping coffee, books in her hand and I would study or just look at her. She would be terrified of exams and still is. It was her economics paper tomorrow and it was the most nerve wrecking one. But my favorite for 2 reasons. One, I had majored in it and two, the way she bit her lips everytime she was thinking was just so adorable.

A few minutes back, I had let it slip that I was on a verge of a breakup and she reacted in her typical way and with her hands on her hips demanded why wasn't she "informed" before.

She was so different from the girls all around. Everyone was in a hurry to get ahead. Me too. But her. She was like the still waters of a lake. Well ok she was a waterfall. Full of activity but the kind that puts your mind at ease. She was mature and yet so child-like. Her mind boggled me. It challenged me and yet made me feel so comfortable. I never had to think what is she thinking. She always told me.

No, I didnt love her nor do I now! It is just one of those relationships you cant explain. Now, when I see her change into what I always feared. I fear for her. Please don't change.

This is my first post here. I have heard amazing things about this place! I'm not much of a writer just love to express myself. So rather than reading, feel my posts :)

- Cho


  1. I could see myself in the young girl you talk of .. and here we have managed to keep that innocence safe !! lovely post !! welcome :)

  2. welcome to the writers' lounge Mr. Cho..i have also joined this place recently and getting used to it..but let me assure you, you will have an amazing time here!!
    Nice post and nice start...keep improving

  3. Cho,

    What do I tell you? Well, I'm amazed at the topic chose as your first post! :P

    Welcome here... I want to see a lot of those things from that notebook of yours here, Understand?

    Me waiting.. I want everyone to read all that I have and that which I havent :P

    Ps. Call me!

  4. welcome to our gang brother......
    i have to say that this was simple amazing

    i second prats and i liked the way u have described things....she was like the still waters of a lake and later on waterfall to describe the activity factor was gr8......i really liked this post bro....

  5. Great post cho...loved the way u described the things...So agree with prats...Welcome here :)

  6. swagat hai aapka yaha
    kafi acchi shuruwat hai
    keep up the good work

  7. This piece was so wonderfully written....
    As u said, i could feel the post, i could almost see a similar girl but all that's because of ur crisp narration.... Really good...

    Like Rashi said- I want to see a lot of those things from that notebook of yours here, Understand?

    Welcome To Writer's Lounge..


  8. welcome to the lounge and a heartfelt expression is all that is needed trust me, to be a good writer.. :D
    and you have won the battle already..

  9. welcome to the lounge...! :)

    n a nice entry post!

  10. Hey Cho!Welcome to the lounge...

    I could totally correlate with the young girl...

    Lovely first one...


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