January 19, 2009

CrAzY 3- episode 4

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Riya: ‘so heard about your suspension, chirag that was too much’

Chirag: ‘it wasn’t deliberate this time riya believe me’

Riya: ‘well you ready with your excuses as always’

Chirag: ‘so you coming with us at club 8, common now don’t say no’

Riya: ‘chirag I want to ask you something, it’s about tarun’

Chirag: ‘now what did he do’

Riya: ‘oh he has done nothing but sometimes I feel he behaves differently you know, I feel as if he likes me or something I don’t know’

‘chirag you are his best friend, and very good friend of mine too, just don’t let him get carried away, you know it’s not possible for me’

Chirag : ‘ I understand , don’t think too much just chill out, I will talk with him tomorrow’

Chirag, nik, tarun, riya at club 8

Riya: ‘hey nik how do you survive with these too, they drink smoke, you don’t even touch it, you totally different from them’

Nik: ‘well that’s a tough question, maybe we complement each other, hey what is tarun doing in DJ cabinet’

Tarun: ‘ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, I have an announcement to make’

Chirag: ‘oh fish I know what hes doing, tarun don’t’

Tarun: ‘today is a special day, it is the day 4 year back my best buddy, my bro, chirag proposed his beloved Sonia, so let’s hear it for him, may your love continues till eternity’

Riya: ‘hey you didn’t tell me, congratulations’

Nik: ‘ooops I forgot’

Tarun: ‘so on this special occasion, I would like to make a special announcement, I want to propose a girl whom I love very much’

‘she is present here between us’

Chirag: ‘tarun stop it we need to talk’

Tarun: ‘don’t stop me chirag, she is my very good friend, her name is Riya


Just as a poet needs inspiration to write a masterpiece

I need you ...

Just as an artist needs a subject for his work of art,

I need you ...

Just as a teacher needs a pupil to mold into greatness,

I need you ...

Just as a composer needs a theme to create a timeless melody,

I need you ...

For without you, riya, my life would be empty of all inspiration. There will be no work of art for me to gaze at; no person of greatness before me; no timeless melody to listen to. My life will exist in shades of gray instead of vibrant colors, and I will be less than whole.

I love you

Nik: ‘wow I didn’t knew that’

Chirag and riya were shocked, riya was really upset she walks away

Chirag: ‘riya wait…., crap, tarun what was this at least you could have told me before doing this, nik go with riya please’

Tarun: ‘I love her and I proposed her what wrong did I do chirag’

Chirag: ‘the wrong is that I have told you many times she doesn’t love you than why all this’

Tarun: ‘yes I know that but I have asked you many times to tell me the reason but you won’t so I had no option chirag’

Chirag: ‘the reason….’

Nik with riya outside club

Riya: ‘the reason… I don’t love him is that not enough reason’

Nik: ‘I know that riya but why, he loves you so much, this is not the way you just walked away, at least respect his feelings, I want to know whats in your mind’

Riya (shouting) : you want to know the reason nik huh, the reason is that I love some one else and that some one is no one but you NIK’

‘can’t you see that, I love your simplicity and innocence nik, I respect tarun’s feeling but what about my feelings, your friendship is coming in way of my feelings nik’

‘what should I do’


  1. kya twist hai
    dil tut gaya tarun ka...
    but is bahane riya ne to nik ko kah diya

  2. @chirag
    itna simple nahi tha dost, iss incidence ke baad things were never the same
    it changed certain things forever, what it wasn't able to change was their friendship

  3. sad thing .. i been at such place myself once n IT HURTS ;)

  4. Well prats,
    it really hurt tarun but what chirag was concerned about was their friendship
    it all depend on nik's and tarun's maturity to handle the situation

    you will see in coming episodes how things turn out

  5. @jack....yes jack u are true iam concerened about their friendship

    hope so that they will not break their friendship

  6. o wow...coke-pepsi kand [:P]
    jack nice twists and turns...good one keep it up

  7. again late.. sorry..

    This was going the fun way and suddenly this twist... I could somewhat relate to this incident.... Will be waiting for the update to see how things panned out... :)
    All part of college friendship....


  8. @arjun
    yes there were many such twist and turn in our friendship, but the fun element was always there.
    yes will be coming up with next post soon

  9. sad sad sad..i hope this one doesnt create differences in friends
    off too part 5..
    part 3 isnt seen pls someone change the font color.. i have to read it as yet//

  10. hey kajal did change the font, i guess shouldn't have problem reading now


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