January 15, 2009

CrAzY 3 -Episode 2

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CrAzy 3- EPisode 1

Dean: ‘is this true nik what Miss. malini is saying’

Chirag: ‘Sir actually….’

Dean: ‘have I asked you, you speak when you are told to’

Nik: ‘s s sir, it was by mistake’

Malini mam : ‘It’s not first time nik you three have troubled me, even in class you disturb everyone, sir you need to take some action now’

Dean: ‘and you Mr.chirag it was your idea isn’t it, you would never improve would you, you come here to play pranks and that too with your mam’

Chirag: ‘Sir I sincerely apologise…..’

Tarun: ‘Sir actually it was my Idea, they have done nothing, nik’s cell was with me’

Chirag, nik : ‘no sir hes lying we all were present’

Dean: ‘Shut up you three will you, nik you are a good boy with good gpa, why are you spoiling your future, chirag is here for just fun no sincerity at all, and tarun have you seen his gpa?, I know these two would have dragged you into this prank’

Nik: ‘Sir we apologise, nobody has dragged me into this, I was equally a part of everything, in fact I dragged them into this, but I know you won’t believe, we are ready for whatever punishment you want to give’

‘one more thing sir, they are my family and I love them, without them I have no future, they might not be having great gpa’s but they have taught me how to live life and that no B school teaches’

All were stunned and there was pin drop silence

Dean: ‘ok fine, I know any number of punishment won’t affect you, I will be calling your parents and will be talking to them, for now you are suspended for three days, you can go’

After coming out

Chirag: ‘oye nik where did that come from, it was amazing’

Tarun: ‘ha ha ha you should have seen our dean’s face’

Nik: ‘sorry guys because of me you both are in trouble again’

Chirag: ‘shut up or give you one slap, what you did inside was really courageous ‘

Tarun: ‘that’s the reason why we love you, and this’s nothing I am sure you are going to lead us in even more bigger trouble, give me hi five’

Nik: ‘What about our parents’

Chirag:’hey I will do something don’t worry about that ;)’

Tarun: ‘there you go wicked mind ha ha’

Nik: ‘yar but there’s one problem’

Chirag, Tarun: ‘NOW WHAT’

Nik: ‘I feel malini mam isn’t that bad either, kuch set karva do’

Tarun: ‘tu kabhi nahi sudhrega’

Chirag, tarun, nik: ‘ha ha ha ha’

Chirag: ‘hey lets plan out a trip for three days’

Tarun, nik : ‘great idea, lets rock’


  1. you brought out the true essence of friendship - it warmed my heart..and i am smiling :D

  2. nice one for friends and the friendship !!! :)

  3. Hitting on the teacher... hahaha!

    Reminds me of my friends. :( Last week of college ! :(

  4. now that's what i call true friendship!

    great going jack!

  5. @kajal
    i am glad that i made you smile :), there are many more such incidences where we were each others side no matter what
    you will get to know everything watch out for the coming episodes :)

  6. thanx pretty, well entire series of crazy 3 is around those two things, friends and friendship

  7. hey rashi you bet, here too only 15 days left for the college to end, why all good things have to come to an end :(

  8. thank you aparna,
    i am glad that you liked it, well will come up with more in next episodes

    cheers :)

  9. @Jack: i am watching out with my eyes wide open :D

  10. ek dum jhakaas hai yaar
    ...keep going ...
    u are on a right road

  11. read previos part

    as i said i am like nix and my frnds like other 2

    this post brings in true friendship


  12. hey chirag,
    one of my characters name, it signifies me in real life :)
    there's lot more to come

  13. hey ste,
    i think than you will enjoy this the most, because nik is the most interesting character in the series :)

  14. iam not exactly as ur character....but somethings are same

  15. @ chirag
    don't worry it won't be, ya you can always find some similarities

  16. Finally commented.. Sorry for the delay jack..

    The post was ultra cool... :)
    Characters like NIk are everywhere.. hehe.. enjoy..



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