January 19, 2009

26 going on 13- IV

After the sudden thoughts of what should I do, came the 'Did he recognise me? Well if he didn't there is no point in going and talking but if he did then he'll think I'm hiding. Why should I hide? He ran away. I'm a grown woman. I shouldn't hold a grudge for so long. Ahhhh..Splitting headache.Maaaa.'

With that sudden noise, Ma was startled. She looked at me wincing in pain. Worry filled her eyes and she ran toward the door. Before I could stop her, she went and called Akash. Ooops Sorry. Dr. Akash.

No way to escape now. He came in. Ahh, he always looked so good in white. He looked older. He looked wiser and I chuckled. He raised his eyebrows. I saw the place where he had hurt himself on a branch when we were out climbing trees. Earth-to-Pix. Shit! Nobody had called me that except him. He loved calling me Pixie. Which had no resemblance to my name, Aashrita!

Why were my defences failing? I want to give in. Did he just drug me? The love drug? Focus on the present. I hear him say something. No actually I see his lips move. Concentrate.

"Ms. Sinha, are you ok? Can you hear me?"I finally hear him

"Ms. Sinha???" I say aloud

"Thats what it says here. Or is it Mrs?"He says looking at my mother. My mother shakes her head.

"Yes. I think you hit your head when you fell. You may have a mild concussion. Nothing major. Can you follow my fingers?" He waves one finger in front of my eyes. All I want to do is show him another finger for calling me Ms. Sinha.

I try to follow his finger and I think I do fine. All what happened next passes in a blur. He writes some names of some medicines, gives it to my uncle outside and then tells my mother to rest a little. And then he waits.

My mother reluctantly leaves me alone. I start closing my eyes again when he says, " You must not strain yourself so much. Sleep and good food is important. Dont you know that , Pix?"

I open my eyes and look at him. He really was my best friend. He was my Akash. He had called me Pix!


  1. I want more of it gal!

    "Ms. Sinha???" I say aloud

    "Thats what it says here. Or is it Mrs?"

    I'm trying to figure out where is the story going, two lovers meet? two 'friends' meet?

  2. awwweeeee... cute one... bring up the rest soon..

  3. part 5 soon please rashi...

    dont end it so fast! :)

  4. wonder where this all is heading ;) !!

  5. Pretty me
    I wish I knew too :P


    Lemme write exams, then will write stories or I'll fail and story will be sad :P


    One hot story coming up ;)


    Coming coming ;)

    Im sooo happy that you like it :D Me happy!


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