January 14, 2009

CrAzY 3

Nik : “yar I am in love’

Tarun: ‘Oh no not again, every time he falls in love we get into big trouble’

Chirag: ’listen Nik if you utter a word about love now I would throw you down this balcony’

Nik: ‘you guys never take me seriously, this time I am surely in love but I am bit confused’

Chirag: ‘pass on that beer I am not listening to him again’

Tarun: ‘hey chirag at least listen where will we get such entertainment, hey what that confusion is’

Nik: ‘guys I am in l love for sure but I don’t know with whom, hey chirag you always help me, please this one last time’

Chirag:what the f***k how would I know whom you love’

Tarun: ’hey I have got an idea let’s do it dil chahta hai way, Nik close your eyes’

Nik: ‘no I know you guys will play some prank’

Chirag: ‘you want a girl right? Than do as he says’

Nik :ok I am’

Tarun: ‘ now go back into your memory lane, there’s a long road, you running on that road and at the end of that road whom so ever you see is your soul mate’

Nik: hey Tarun I see a cross road’

Chirag : ‘ok fine the girl you see on cross road is the one’

Nik: yar there’s a problem’

Chirag Tarun: NOW WHAT’

Nik ; ‘I see four girls at each end ’

Chirag: ‘I will kill you, give me that bottle Tarun’

Tarun:hey CHIRAG don’t get angry, our bro is in love again, lets help him’

Tarun:Nik come here listen to me, take a coin toss it around and decide , DON”T EAT OUR HEAD’

Nik: fine I am going, what kind of friends you are, with such friends who needs enemy’

Chirag: will you F***k OFF’

After half an hour

Nik: hey guys’

Chirag: oh you back, the speed at which you went I thought you would not return for years’

Nik: ‘ yar I have decided whom I love, thanks Tarun did it by tossing coin, well I proposed her through SMS’

tarun: ‘What!!!!!!!!!! You propose a girl through SMS, you know you going to stay bachelor your whole life’

Nik: but again there’s a problem’

Tarun: oh no not again’

Nik: ’ in nervousness I messaged wrong person’

Chirag : ‘he he no problems main thing is you proposed as such you were not sure’

Nik:no CHIRAG by mistake I messaged it to malini mam our law professor’

Chirag Tarun: ’ ha ha ha ha, you are gone dude, may your soul rest in peace’

Nik: no actually may our soul rest in peace’

Chirag:what did you do now’

Nik: ‘she called up and in nervousness I told her that it was CHIRAG’s idea, we three were playing prank and she has called three of us tomorrow in dean’s cabin’

Chirag: ‘are you crazy you son of a *****, hold him Tarun I am coming’

Nik: noooooooooooooo sorry’

(hey friends starting off with a new series, well its dedicated to our trio that is me, naveen(hes WL member too), tuhin. lot of incidences that will come up in the series are actually inspired by our real college life events. kudos to our friendship i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy putting those events on paper)

The actual CrAzY 3

(Tuhin, chintan(jack), naveen)


  1. oooo wooowwwww....so there comes the most awaited series...friends m the part of the trio n i know how much fun we have here...
    jack what a wonderful way of expressing...i know i had made a lot of mess..but this was good
    ya i always used this phrase "tumhare jese dost ho to dushmano ki kya jarurat" :P ...lols..bro its amazing..the best time i had so far in life was with u guys

  2. yo! now that's called some real time fun..!!!
    it was fun reading it!
    looking forward ALL the parts of the series.. :)

  3. Hehe... If this is a true incident, then I pity all those who were at the receiving end... May their souls rest in peace...LOL

  4. wonderful !! loved it !! ... even i write a conversation series on my blog ... will start posting it here too :)

  5. wonderful jack, kept me smiling through the entire post...i actually got reminded of chetan bhagat's five point someone....will be waitig for the series....

  6. good one jack...

    waitin for the series! :)

  7. @naveen
    well same here buddy, i will tell you without you the series would'nt be interesting, all the mess you created ended up in fun and laughter
    and still its far from ending :)

  8. thanks kajal
    well believe me this is just warm up, there is more to come :)

  9. @ akansha
    well our soul rest in pease lolzz, we always manage to get out of these troubles thats the best part, but the worst part is we never learn and so get into even bigger trouble :)

  10. @ prats
    thanks , i am glad you liked it, hey looking forward to it or will check it out on your blog

  11. @ I me myself
    hey thanks, you know actually our friends here do compare us with all the three characters, we have loads of similarity well we are not 5 point some one thats the only difference :)

  12. wow...looking forward to the series

    so we can get a peep into ur fun filles college life

    i am really eager to know what happened to u...did malini mam punsih u or something???

  13. HEHE.......fantastic work bro, i enjoyed reading this one, amazing.
    Being a part of the trio makes me proud, god bless us all.

    keep it up, n im looking forward for more.

    PS:- i know naveen would feature in a lot of em.....hehe....u got wat i mean rite?..

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  15. @tuhin...no dude there wud be soe instances in which you wud also be in the limelight..lolss..u know tht right??

  16. @aparna
    hey thanks
    well hold your curiosity for time being, because episode 2 will feature our beautiful malini mam :)

  17. @ naveen , tuhin
    hey i guess all three will be featuring a lot, because series is incomplete without even any one of us,
    but ya i am sure you both will make it really fun and interesting :))

  18. yaar jack

    cud not stop laughing yaar.....super...haha he proposed his teachers via sms hahaha

    all dialogues wre gr8

    lolx i relate myself to nikx character.....coz frnds like pulling my legs all time :p

  19. hey thank you ste, well have posted 2nd episode too, do check it out
    and believe me there are more such incidences
    you know those whose legs are pulled the most are loved the most thats the case with our nik too :)

  20. loved it to the extent man..
    Just awesome....
    Reminds me of such incidents with my frnds.. :)



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