January 16, 2009

CrAzY 3 - episode 3

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Nik: ‘where should we go tarun three days suspension, should make most out of it’

Tarun: ‘where’s chirag haven’t seen him from morning’

Nik: ‘must be on his ISD call as usual with her beloved, yar his life is set he’s having a girl who loves him so much, and he rocks’

Tarun: ‘ya that’s true I give examples of their relationship to my friends’

Chirag: ‘hey guys what’s going on did I miss something’

Tarun: ‘ya nik was just telling how lucky you are to get a girl like Sonia, look at your face and look at her it’s like ‘langoor ke hath me angoor’

Chirag: ‘I think will have to give him some more dose ‘

Nik: ‘hey when did I say anything like that, tarun I will kill you’

Tarun : ‘hey seriously chirag we would get bored this three days, plan out something man’

CHirag: ‘well guys if our parents come to know about all this don’t know about you both, I would be permanently off for a vacation, so let’s fix it up first’

Nik: ‘so what’s the plan?’

Chirag: ‘Malini mam, whatever you say tarun she has a soft corner for you’

Tarun: ‘no I know what your wicked mind is up to I am not doing anything’

Nik: ‘what!!!!!! she’s having soft corner for tarun, I never knew that, oh I can’t take it you broke my heart’

Chirag: ‘will you shut up or we will break many more spare parts of your body’

‘tarun its simple just go to her, apologize be as sentimental as you can and I have written a script just speak in front of her I am sure it will work, here is the script’

Tarun : ‘you and your ideas, I sometimes ask myself why do I agree with whatever you say’, ok let’s try it out’

Tarun in malini mam’s cabin, chirag and nik peeping in from the window

Malini mam: so now what is it tarun, I never expected this from you

Tarun : ‘mam I really apologize, but if we don’t do mistakes than who will, but we should get a chance to improve our self and learn from our mistakes, if this matter goes to our parents than our over would be future, I mean our future oh, well chirag’s ah ah…..’

Nik: ‘holy shit he’s forgetting his lines, he’s screwing it up’

Chirag: ‘shhh, common man speak up don’t be nervous’

Tarun : ‘ah ah chirags dad will definitely call him back, nik’s mom is not keeping well this days and this would come as a shock to her’

Nik: ‘What the f***K my mom, what happened to her, she is perfectly alright’

Chirag : ‘will you shut up and lower your voice’

Tarun: ‘mam please one last chance to save our future (sobbing)’

Nik: ‘hey was that a part of the script, he should be in movies’

Chirag : ‘can you please keep your mouth shut for sometime nik’

Malini mam: ‘hey dear don’t cry, ok I will talk to the dean sir but this is last warning to you all, if anything happens now you three are in big trouble, utilize this three days cover up your pending assignments’ and try to get a good GPA, ok now go and don’t cry I will talk with sir’

Tarun: ‘thank you so much mam, we are really grateful’

After coming out

Tarun: ‘it’s done ;)’

Nik : ‘yipeeee, what an acting marvelous, my sharukh khan’

Chirag: “‘please one last chance to save our future (sobbing) ;)’”

Nik, chirag, tarun: ‘ha ha ha ha lolzz party time yo’


  1. 'langoor ke hath me angoor’

    i cudnt stop laughing mate....

    u 3 remind me of edd ,edn eddy as the picture of ur post


    tarun seems to be a good actor yaar.....nice drama in front of malini maam poor she.....

    this reminds me of similar thing.....

    me and prashant acting in front of HOD sir....

    it goes like this
    hod: wht is ur problem ...y is ur attendance low??

    prashant: sir i travel from kalyan sir....i have to take 3 buses and 2 trains ....

    Hod: i see.... and wht about u

    me: sir...i fell down from my bathroom sir....my hand got fractured...i cudnt come to college coz of this ( actually we used to come to college and bunk classes)

    hod: ok i see...

    we wre hopefull that taklu will forgive us..

    me and prashant smile at each other
    *wicked devil smile *

    few minutes later hod thinks ....

    hod: ok wen can i meed your parents ...

    oops .... we make drama again...

    we both : sir pls ,sir pls.....1 baar sir ...we wont do this again...dont call our parents sir...

    hod: this is ur final warning....if ur attendance is less than 75% ,i wont allow u to appear for sem exams...
    write a letter and go


    when we came out...we wre just giggling and laughing...azad ,sagar,shiva,dave ,chadan were waiting for us outside the hod cabin....and we cudnt stop laughing :p...this post reminds me of that incident

  2. Oh Lord! Now Im wondering what all you guys are upto! Waiting to read more!

  3. @ ste
    u got it right, thats why kept that picture,
    well i guess we are born actors :) and when it comes to in cabin acting ooh we can even beat likes of amir and srk :) lolzz

    hey you know what the incidence you described will take place shortly with us, because in this sem all 3 of us are short of attendance ha ha

  4. @ rashi
    well there's more to come :)

  5. u 3 r really mischievous...naughty brats i would call :)

    but its part of college life

    waiting for krazy 4

  6. @ aparna
    its like we have lived each moment we have spent together, whether be mischief, studies and even the bad times that each one faced, we faced it together well every thing is going to come up in the next episodes,
    there were twist and turns and our fun filled lives had to take some bitter blows
    but in the end its our friendship that has lead us through everything :)

  7. i am waiting to read more too.. cant have enough of the crazy three.. :P

  8. @ kajal
    well as i said more will come as and when its time comes :P

  9. confession time .. i have myself faked my mom's disease once in hostel wen i missed the entry time ;)

  10. oh so girls to are keeping up with guys, well nik do held my collar than for that, but the situation demanded it :)

  11. gajab yaar jack ...bahut badhia likhate ho..
    i will suggest u to watch a comedy serial that comes on sab tv "taarak mehta ka oolta chashma" mon-thu 8.30pm.

    vese is serial se tumhare serial ka koi matlab nahi hai bt isame comedy acchi aati hai...watch this u will get something new from this.

    ye prgoram ek novel ke upar hai banaya hai ....

  12. @chirag
    oh thanks chirag for yiue suggestion will try to find some time if i can to watch the serial :)

  13. @ lol...my stomach ached jack...u guys are 3 of a troublesome....gr8 me waiting for more...

  14. haha... Had a full hearted laugh... Damn funny man...

    "ya nik was just telling how lucky you are to get a girl like Sonia, look at your face and look at her it’s like ‘langoor ke hath me angoor’"

    Laughed at this like hell....


  15. @ tweety
    ya sure will be coming up with more, i am glad i made you laugh :)

  16. @ arjun
    well that's our trade mark tarun, and nik is always at receiving end he he

  17. y do i call myself a nautanki.. tarun is the BIG DADDY of nautanki.. lol.. another funny piece of crazy 3.. i m loving the series..


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