January 15, 2009

Broken Glass III

Tweety wrote this to which Leo replied like this..So this is my reply!

My heart may be broken,
Shattered and in pieces.
Your concern to join them
Until the pain ceases 
Has me in tears full of joy
For once again, I found
Someone I can trust, love
who wont let threads unwound.

The threads of friendship
Are stronger than of love.
A kiss on the lip
or holding hands 
Mean nothing if 
my heart continues to chip.
You give me reason 
to celebrate life
with every of its season.

Thank you, friend
For finding those petals dry
Thank you, friend
For giving me the shoulder to cry.
Than you , friend
For catching every  tear,
For making it better.
For banishing every fear.

Broken glass may not be beautiful again,
But when I have a friend like you
Nothing feels like pain.
My broken heart may not be the same,
You have a special place in there,
It has been better since you came.
It will love, it will mend
Because I have you as my friend.


  1. the wondergirl is back with a bang!!

  2. seconded kajal... wondergirl indeed...

    i got competition... me likes it! :D

    well done rashi...

  3. cool...really like the poets churning out touching poems like these and giving challenges.

    lounge has become a poetry galore

  4. three wonderful writs and i am ready with the fourth :)


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