January 15, 2009

Broken Glass Part 2..

Friend, if your heart is shattered,
Like glass that is broken so much,
I shall find every one little piece,
And join them like olden such.

I know it may not be the same,
But I’ll nurse that heart to health,
Make sure it gets, a rain of smiles,
Shower laughs and loving wealth.

If your heart is now, a withered rose,
I’ll find those petals which now are dry,
Give that heart, a heart my own,
A shoulder on which it can now cry.

I will listen to its pain, catch every tear,
Make it forget those memories of yore,
I will be by its side, till it becomes better,
A loving heart, that all can again adore.

Broken glass may not be beautiful again,
But a heart can forget, memories that pain,
A loving hand to hold when it is down,
A few words can make smiles from frown.

A broken heart may not be the same again,
But a heart is not always like glass my friend,
It can be better, than what it was before,
When it has more love that knows how to mend.

A reply to Tweety's post here . It's just a try, not sure if it has come out that well.


  1. awwwwww vinay...i actually have tears in my eyes right nw...and u say its not that gud....vinay one more time u criticiize ur poems n i ll not talk to u agn...u couldnt mend that broken heart bettr...love u fr this....

  2. thanks tweety...! :)

    and nooo... dont do that... i wont criticize again... pakka! :)

  3. read hers read urs

    u r on a spree of making everyone here in the lounge happy isn't it..? god bless u for that

    nobody could have given a better reply..that too poetically

    hope tweety's heart and glass i smended with ur attempt leo

  4. @aparna...

    lounge is my second home...
    i like a happy home, so i do my best...! :)

  5. That's a real nice one leo....Two poems in one day ....Good going mann ....


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