January 15, 2009

Broken Glass

Broken glass is like a shattered heart,
Broken glass is like all the tiny pieces ripped apart...

Broken glass isn't just a broken glass,
It is painful reminders and bad memories...

Broken glass is like once beautiful rose,
Now black, withered, and crushed to dust...

Broken glass is in a million pieces,
Representing the million tears you have shed...

Broken glass is never a beautiful thing,
Broken glass can be pieced back together, like a broken heart,

But, Alas!! it will be forever changed.....


  1. tweets, u give me a sad piece...
    thats a challenge for me to correct....

    wait for it! :P

  2. nice tragic poem shwetha..
    waiting for leo's happy poem too

  3. nice !! i will put a haiku i wrote about it soon ..


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