January 15, 2009

I Won't Say Goodbye...

Once you did ask who I was,
A stranger to you I was then,
You found it hard, to let me enter,
Into your little heart’s warm den

You did not know me, who I was,
But my friendship made you think,
Sometimes I know, you became sad that
You couldn’t see me, when you did blink.

With my heart, I did woo yours,
You did become my friend at long last,
Doubts about me, that you once had,
You did then throw into the past.

When you wanted a shoulder to cry on,
You found I was indeed there for you,
I sought those eyes, that were wet with tears,
To wipe them, with smiles just a few.

You once did want me, to go away,
Leave you alone, every minute every day,
I did not go, leave you alone to cry,
For me your friendship was until I died.

You now say, that you feel strong,
With me always by your side,
Friend, you make me cry with joy,
Even that I don’t need to hide.

You now say, I rule your heart,
By your side, to forever stay,
Friend, that means a lot to me,
Those are words that with my heart play.

Your heart of gold, is all I need,
Your friendship, is all I desire,
Your presence, is what I love,
Your words, they’re like dancing fire

Friend, I am with you always,
Never shall I leave you in pain,
Like I said, since we are friends,
I don’t think I’ll say goodbye again.


A reply to a combination of two poems, written by Kajal in the blog. She said I would bring a marvellous piece as a combination. Well, it's my try. I know she will like it...! What say friends, you liked it?


  1. "waqt jab kabhi dosto ki dastan sunayega...hame bhi koi khas bahut yaad aayega"

    nice one yaar nice lines

    u wrote very well

  2. i wonder why I asked those questions to you,
    you made my worries disappear,
    as if they were only few.

    i feel so strong again,
    and my mind can see things new.
    now the thorns dont trouble me anymore,
    for you are there on the petals,
    as fresh drops of dew.

    thank you Vinay.

  3. Leo,

    ever thought of working for a greeting card company? :P

  4. chirag, thank you..! :)

    loved the hindi lines too...! :)

  5. rashi, wanna make one together?? ;)

    we could beat hallmarks! :D

  6. nice one leo...as always

    all the best for ur greetings venture then

  7. Oh my comment for this is going to be a reply...Wait for it!


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