December 4, 2008

When i miss you

I was standing by myself, gazing at the sky,

staring at the stars

not knowing why

it seemed like a perfect evening,

but  something was still missing

I knew deep down inside I was craving,

suddenly as if my wish had come true

somebody was walking towards me and it was you,

you gave me a smile,

not taking your eyes of me even for a while ,

I almost drowned into your stare

but I could feel your hands tracing my eyes and running thru my hair,

you came closer, I could feel u breathe,

I wasn't my self anymore I could hear my heart beat,

I closed my eyes not knowing what to do,

I could sense u draw closer and I let you,

because I wanted to feel the touch of your lips,

I wanted to live this momemt of bliss,

I continued to wait.. but you seem to have stopped ,

I opened my eyes to see why you are caught..

but to my surprise you had disappeared...

i wasn't sure if you were far or near

Wiping a tear.

I looked around not believing what I had to see

i began to gaze at the moon,

Thinking of how crazy i could be

but then a thought occured

like i do, do u think of me?

just then my cell rang  and it was you

my question was answered when you said i'm missing u too


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  2. @ani and jimmmy
    thank you both of you

  3. Hey! This is a really beautiful one........

  4. not Very lovely, could have been improved..

    although i loved the central idea and last line, but i still think you can write better :)

    Please dont take my critic in a wrong way Jack, i somehow can see the spark in you.. your ability to write, to imagine.. :)


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