December 4, 2008

My Two Months In Heaven

Moments like these might cease to exist,
Yet these memories will eternally remain.

The imprints of what we have will linger forever.
Words will never be enough for me,
Outside their realm will something be apt.

Meeting you was more than just fate.
Only I can ever truly understand its worth.
Nothing can undo what we have indulged in.
There will never be a reason to lament our ways.
How does it feel to be immortal?
Savor this feeling that’s satiated you all over.

It is just the beginning of what will forever be.
Now we know at last what we were made for.

Heaven’s not a place but what I’m feeling.
Every breath we take brings us that much closer.
After a forever that will soon go by,
Vows for eternity will seal our providence.
Eagerly I wait for our first touch,
Never before, have I been so loved.

- To Shreya, Thank you for my two months in heaven.
3rd December, 2008


  1. oh wow..u tried that style of poetry!
    i'l also try soon..

  2. its always a pleasure to read your pieces adi...glad to see that you have become a regular here...keep scribbling...cheers!

  3. "Never before, have I been so loved."

    Lucky. :)


    My mouth rattles on,
    My mind stumbles on,
    But my heart stops on
    To read lovely love fables.

  4. i second to read ur poems and yeah this is something different sort

    so two months in heaven

  5. awwww....that was so so sweet...
    so touching...
    i'm still saying.."awww"

  6. that was reallyy sweet poem..

    reallyy touchhhyyy :)

  7. yeah! the same style, wow !!

    you rocked, as always!


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