December 4, 2008

At the deeper end of life.

Friends, this poem was written in those days when I was unaware of the current pirate problem like as in around the coast of Somalia. The only pirates I knew of then were of the "Pirates of Caribbean" fame. It is to be noted that the pirates of that region were the doing of western powers themselves. They initiated the pirates to raid and harass the Spanish conquistador colonies in and around the regions of Central America. Of course, the Spaniards' wealth was ill-gotten as well, looting as they were the native Mayan, Aztec and Inca territories. For more info, read this (link).

The pirate in this poem has been portrayed as a free individual, free from the bearings of law and order of the state, a person free to live in his own way (although a criminal one). An ongoing battle ensues between his vessel and a vessel from the U.S. Navy. Read on!

P.S: Do note, that by this poem, I in no way support actions of pirates. I was just for a while, writing while in somebody else's shoes. It was fun then, when I wrote this poem.


There lies one mast-
There go my sails-
There rolls a shot-
Ah! A barrel of gunpowder just went off.

There falls one of my mates-
There a piece of hulk gets blown-
There goes my anchor-
Ah! My parrot has also been shot too.

There falls the bird's nest from the highest mast-
There broke my kettle of tea-
There I see a gun rolling across the deck-
Ah! I see water entering the first bulkhead.

But fear not my friends,
In this dark hour- the captain still has his hat on.
He has cast aside the dingys,
And shall fight it out to the end.

The sails he had, have left,
But the oars of his men come out,
One last peg of rum has he,
Invoking the name of Mars- for war he rises again!

Bellows my voice through the ravaged ship-
Ready do I all the guns-
And tell my mates to fire them together,
For freedom I live and die I shall for freedom only.

These sailors from America,
I will slaughter with the roar of my guns,
For I have a few tricks up my sleeve,
Which I will unleash upon them- and then live happily ever after.

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