December 12, 2008

Soul Sister

20 years have passed from the day i first got her mail.Anya,the angel in my life.She had mailed me to ask if she could recite a poem of mine for a poetry contest.She recited my poem and won too.I still remember her smile in the pic she sent me later.she was a college student then.Over years, we mailed each other regularly.. of our days,our dreams, our ideas.. Only thing where we differed was rain.She loved it though it mostly snowed in her part of the world.. I hated it specially coz it rained anytime in bangalore..

But i still wrote poems on rain for her whenever it rained.I got drenched for her when she could not. I even taught her to make paper boats for her kids.We shared a bond which was beyond words and feelings.When my first book of poems was published,she designed the graphics for all the pages for free.And i wrote all the love poems she dedicated to her lover.She made my wedding card and i wrote her wedding vows.Life was just perfect all these years.We were like soul sisters.2 years back,I invited her to attend the book launch of my tenth book in my city.It was a collection of all my rain poems.She agreed.We both were so thrilled and so were our families.

Then we met.almost like schoolfriends catching up after long.I had deliberately arranged the book launch in monsoons.And God graced us with a whole week of rainfall.The long walks under colorful umbrellas,the road-side tea sessions and the drive among green lanes of my hill town.She loved it all and so did I.

Today she is being buried and at her last request,here is my dedication to her :

i bury deep in heart,
never to revive again.
The rains,
they shower my dry thoughts,
giving birth to a sweet pain.
Heat and cold
like the way they punish me
for being the selfish me at times,
But rains,
they rescue me from the crowd,
only time i walk a lonely line.
My words,
they paint a happy life
for the people i know not.
My life,
its a canvas for sorrows,
from the day you left me alone.

Love you soul Sister :)

word count : 400


  1. Loved the combination of the poem and the story! It had a wonderful flow to it! :) Reminded me of my soul sisters...I know atleast one of you will be reading this.. :)

  2. Glad you liked it Rashi ... :)

  3. super pratibha!! :)
    esp. the poem...!!

  4. i swear to God, I cried reading it. My favourite post so far! I can relate to it so much, I have found my best people online (i dont like speaking much.. being online give me freedom to have my say without having to speak :) i love it..)

    I have found my soul sisters online, meet rash people? and Marj and Affo appi, bajjo!

    well, I have met two of them and I KNOW HOW DOES it feel like, (after meeting 21 ex-netpals, not good friends, i can truly relate to it) and i have also written poems for them! and they giving me awesome surprises in return!

    wow! I adore it.. she died in the end but i truly ADORED It!

    the only weird fact is: was internet so common 20 years back? of maybay this study is written in advance :P!! hehe!

  5. oh, just checked that Rash has already commented :D lol

    ps: lovely picture..

    and yay i know your name now !

  6. PPS. pratibha can be nick as PRI, but since this is the official nick of Priyanika we'll (or atleast i will) call you biya... tell me if you liked me nick name for you :) ?

  7. very touching post.. loved the flow :)

  8. touching..
    specially the poem..amazing..
    feel heavy after reading it...

  9. An wonderful poetry ... you write good poems, I can feel it, Pretty ... nice to see you write again here ... I liked this one also!!

    Read twice ... not because I did not understand it, but for I wanted to read it again ... :)

    Thanks ...

  10. BTW, are you from Bangalore?? hmmmmmm........ Me too ... ;)

  11. asbah .. you left me speechless !!!! i never thought anyone will love this post so much ...

    u can assume this post is wriiten for my soul sister, my best online frnd ... to be told again 20 yrs from now ...

  12. thanks Leo ... this story was specially written for the poem :)

  13. n all nicknames r most welcome by me !!!! thanku... :)

  14. thanku ani :) glad fr ur read !!

  15. the story was written to compliment the poem.... as an extension sort of.... thanks shruti fr the kind words..

  16. Yeah Tan, m from Bangalore .. and yes, my poems are better than my story writing skills ... Glad for the read and comemnt :)

  17. Hmmm ... Bangaloreans do not forget to Put Bangalore in their stories ... Hashan did the same too ... hmmm ... I C... I should write something native too, then ... well ... :) :)

  18. did i use Bangalore in this story ?? neway i will love reading anything u write :)

  19. for me u wrote this?

    You killed me in the story * sob sob sob*

    Now if I get a guy you will have to write all the love poems and I will design all the graphics for ur book

    I will even learn all the stuff like corel draw and all..

    but remember.. its me whose gonna do it :D

    *hugs really tightly*

    We should do it you know.. get wet in the rain together! how come we havent yet?


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