December 12, 2008

Leaving The Rain Alone

“Run fast, it’s gonna rain!” she screamed at her child. She was a woman in her late twenties, a mother of a four year old cute little boy. He kept looking at his mother’s tensed face and asked, “Why does it rain, mom?” She looked at him with deep green eyes and replied, “Because the rain wants to drench you so you can fall ill.”

“No! I want to get drenched. I want to bathe.”

“Baby, I’ll let you bathe once we get home. Good boys do not bathe here.”

“Please, mom. Please!! The rain is tasty. I know it.”

“Fine. And when you sneeze, then don’t tell me that I didn’t stop you!”

The innocence in his smile always defeated her. He bore his father’s smile. The same ear-to-ear grin never left the little kid’s face. He looked up in the sky with questioning eyes. He wanted it to rain and as he was seeking his answers, his cheeks felt a drop and he smiled. He turned back towards her mom and screamed, “Hey mom!!! It’s raining. It’s actually raining. Yay!!” She smiled at him and replied, “I know it baby. You like it??”

“I love it.” She saw her son dancing in the rain, splashing water with his small feet and laughing his way to fun. She rested by the pole and felt a wet shower on her face too. She recalled all the moments spent with Sam’s dad. The love of her life who could never come to know that he had a son who looked exactly like him. Sam saw his mom lost in her thoughts and decided not to disturb her. She put her hand out in the rain just to know if she was alive….to remind her that she was not numb. She turned her attention towards Sam again, to make sure that he didn’t get hurt in the rain just the way she had been. With each drop of rain she saw on Sam’s baby face, she screamed silently. Just then, a steady arm rested on her shoulder. She looked back and he took her in his arms to console her. Sam saw the man and screamed, “Dad!!! See, I’m drenched.”

“I’m sure you are, Sam. You loving it?”


“Good. Come, let’s go Sam. Come on Amy, its time.”

The family left leaving all the past memories and the rain alone to cry!!

(Word count: 391)


  1. leaving the past in the rain...!!
    very nice!! brilliant read!! :)

  2. nice one .. though i wanted to know abt Sam's dad and the man who came in the picture in the end ... they are two different pesons rt ?

  3. woww

    this is wht i was waiting for shane,......see u have proved .....sweet narration....i loved it .... its getting better

  4. This is so sweet!!! :)

    I could so relate to Amy but I really didnt expect that ending it made it UNSAD...:P

  5. Nice ...and yeah not a sad ending for a change ....Sweet and Nice narratiion too....I like it .....

  6. Thank God.. Nobody died or cried... lol

    Hey.. it was sweet...
    Dont know wat else to say... Got a smile by the end.. :)


  7. no arjun someone did i guess?

    breathtakingly beautiful. yes this is one of the posts i had been waiting for :)

    but wait, why way the mom worried? was the dad away from home or something? and returned as a surprise? just clueless in that bit, other than that, a lovely story! awesome ending :D

  8. lovely post.. :)

    so sam's dad n the person who he calls out as a dad r two different person then?? considering the family left all the past memories..

  9. @ Leo
    Thanks a lot :)

    @ Pretty Me
    Thanks :)
    and yup..they are two different people..

    @ Ste
    Thanks Ste...and I didn't get..proved what??
    But anyways, thanks once again

    @ Rahi
    Thanks :)
    and yeah, I wanted to write an UNSAD story...

    @ Anurag
    Thanks :)
    and I just realized, am I known for writing sad endings? :p

    @ Arjun
    lol...yeah, no one cried or died...
    thanks :)

    @ Di
    No Di, no one cried or died. Thanks a lot for the "breathtakingly beautiful" comment :)
    The mom was worried about her kid, that he might catch cold..
    and the person who appeared in the end was not Sam's dad but Amy's husband...

    @ Ani
    Thanks :)
    yeah, those are two different people. I know the ending is a bit abrupt, will try to complete it
    have no clue of it myself.. :p

  10. Now Shruti ... this one is a rainy story too ...

    I liked the little gap, where that father of Sam came in ... The husband too came in the same time ... I wish they were not different people ...

    Well managed ... well described ... I somehow feel I should write - rewrite my stories ... dont know - too many ideas on rain ... too many!!

  11. thnks fr confirming my understanding .. coz now fr that, i loved this story too much :)


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