December 5, 2008

Matter of Fact

A candid splendour and a divine beauty he was, she thought. Not many people would call him a handsome face; they would most likely be intimidated by his demeanour. But she knew him better. She knew his mind, she knew his values. She knew what devilish thoughts went inside his intellectual armour. She knew his heart.

He walked around in his naked glory, a cup of coffee in one hand and the newspaper in the other. She laughed, amused at his complete lack of modesty. 

“Something funny, Miss Goody Two Shoes?” 

“Yes, Mr. I-Just-Took-Over-Satan’s Glory” 

He turned to look around at her. One brow lifted with the don’t-bullshit-me-early-morning look and a smirk on her face. 

He went back to his reading.

She pulled the sheets closer. The winter Sunday morning made her lazy.

He had a thought at the back of his head. He ventured.

“So when do you reckon telling your parents that you are in love with a man a decade older to you?” 

“When they reckon asking me who do I wish to spend the rest of my life with...” 

“Won’t they be disappointed?” 

“I won’t be. And the way I see it, they have already lived their life. I am living mine” 

“You are heartless.” 

“What do you think made me fall for you?” 

“Qualities aside, why did you fall for an older man?" 

“Because you are the only one who can match my mental & psychological age” 

He smiles. Was she his muse? Was she a passing phase in his life? 

His heart whispers, “Soul-mate”

She smiles. 


  1. loved the convo.
    loved the theme.
    loved it completely.
    amazing.beautifully amazing.

  2. lovd it !!! dnt ask y .. coz i wnt know ;) but ... it was nice read !

  3. awwww that was just lovely..

    must agree with shruthi n preety me.. lovely conversation and thus a nice read..

    makes one feel.. i wish i have conversation like this one.. :)

  4. yeah wow, awesome :D

    specifically the part when she wonders about her parents asking her choice of life partner.. the way she said it :D wow lol

  5. :) thanks a ton. M glad you guys liked it

  6. Maybe this is hopeless romantic in me talking but i believe that love knows no boundaries of age, race..etc etc... We love with our hearts which doesnt know all these.. It knows how to love and thats it!

    Well, we all makes choices which make our parents think what the hell did I raise! I know my parents will think that... :)


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