December 6, 2008

Lonely in the crowd

In a crowd of lingering memories,
I am lonely without you ;
In a crowd of dull today's,
I am searching my yesterday's YOU ;
In the floating crowd of images
have I really lost you ???

I dont have an answer today, reality is may be i have lost her but my heart still doesnt believe it and is still searching for an answer....... hope remains forever i guess


  1. Hope can torture you if you rely too much on it.

    It can save you when you rely on it just right.

    I am no saint. I get tortured every day :)

  2. nice one !! but hope is a cruel master of hearts .. :)

  3. thank you all
    @vinisha you are right hope beyond certain level hurts

  4. that was lovely.. hope is always a good thing :)

  5. lingering memories was a good one, i didnt like the abrupt end though!

  6. I am searching my yesterday's YOU

    I loved this line... People change. We do too but we search for the person we once loved...

    It sucks...


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