December 5, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of MY life

What are the 3 mistakes of my life?

1. I thought forever meant forever.
2. I thought my heart would never break.
3. I thought I handle a broken heart. 

In my not-very-good-moods, I saw the book on on the desk in front of me and well, I thought what were the mistakes of my life.


  1. 1.If forever ended..then it was never meant to be forever.

    2.Your heart broke, that itself means that you have a beautiful and vulnerable heart

    3.Broken hearts cannot be mended. By absolutely no one. But you can always smile because your heart wants you to smile for it


    Be happy!!

  2. hey well written

    u read chetan bhagats book

    it sucks ...big time

    and yeah shruti well said yaar really and yeah thats right...wht was the 2nd point for shruti and yes rashi well written

    gr8 to see u here ... i mean ur posts

  3. Thanks a lot guys!

    @ Shruti... Thats my point. What we wish for to be forever probably never is..


    Nop didnt read it nor inclined to read :P

  4. well

    dont read

    it sucks big times

    5 pt some1 was gr8

  5. steph yeh 5pt someone was reallyy good..

    but must agree with shruti .. truly well said :) and well written by rashi :)

  6. haven't read five point someone, will one day i believe..

    and about the post, I know rash. I just know :)



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