December 2, 2008

Do not be playful.

Do you really love me
Or is it only my dream

Never have i been so
Optimistic, about your
Talks whatever they mean.

Because whatever you say,
Effect me in a very deep way

Please dont tell me
Lies that scare me,
All i want is your love
You are my gift from above
Forever I shall be true
Unless death makes me to
Lose the love i have for you

Note : This is an acrostic Poetry .. means the first letter of each line, when joined will form the name of the poem.


  1. heyyy..i cant tell u how much i loved ur poem...
    its awesome...not only because of d acrostic style(which is very unique too..great!)....but actually because i so much relate to each each line...
    its like..u wrote wht i if u showed me a mirror...i wud have written exactly d same.....lovely!!

    plz post more..

  2. Wow new genere :-d lovely! Online from cell so can't give you detailed comments but welcome and please keep writing and keep participating :-)

  3. nice! I think I'll try my hand at one too sometime soon.

  4. Thanks priyanka ... if you could relate to my write, thats the best appreciation i could get !! :)

  5. thanks for the welcome .a. :)

    @ Lover : will look forward to see your acrostic :)

  6. a different style of writing ehh

    welcome pretty ......

    u guys r a bunch of talents :)



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