December 2, 2008

A Smile Is Enough

In my silent gaze,
and your empty stare,
lies an untold story.
You won't admit it,
because it will hurt you.
But don't cry,
I will never take you there.

Sometimes I don't know you,
sometimes you don't let me.
But sometimes I read you like a poem,
scribbled down with red ink,
washed at places with tears,
where there should have been no words,
just blank spaces.

And I indulge in you,
as if you're an intoxicant,
making me high and helpless,
like a junkie beside the road,
in the scorching heat.
The eccentricity in his devoid languid dance,
and the subtle, almost retiring sad smile,
on his face is the love that is in vain.

No, you don't have to save me.
This domain I exist in,
is false, is a fantasy.
It's unheard of, absurd,
It's just me.
But you make me smile,
that is enough.


To M, who used to make me smile and all I ever gave her were tears. I miss you and I am sorry.


  1. Sometimes, we get selfish dont we? We know we are hurting them yet we dont want them to get away bcas we need them. We in our own twisted way need them and they take everything because they love us...

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  3. that was a sweet dedication.. really lovely poem..

  4. your poem and in white? hmm and that too which mention red ink..


    lovely poem, as usual!


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