December 2, 2008

Writers Lounge Awards - 2008

This blog was started on 16th July 2008 by Ste,Asbah and Sandeep with the intention of creating a common place or platform for all bloggers,writers and poets.The year is going to end and yeah its December.As usual,we will be having two polls for the Best Poet and the Best Writer of the writers lounge.

For best writer of writers lounge Mona,Priyanka and the Lovers names are nominated by default and for best writer of the writers lounge Sandeep Balan,Shruti,Asbah's names are nominated by default.

This contest is open to the members of writers lounge only.Any other member who wish to nominate their name for the award can leave ur entry in the comment section with ur and ur blog url . This will be added in this post

Best Poet Nominees.
Mona for Countless Emotions
Priyanka for Writers Lounge
The Lover for Soul Intoxicated
and many more to come.....

Best Writer Nominees
Sandeep Balan for yeM Bee yAe
Shruti forThe Track I Am On..
Asbah for charcoal scratch. My brain Farts.
and many more to be added

Winner will be given a badge.....and keep checking this post for more details
Also ,members are invited to nominate their names for this award.


  1. ooooooo...i'm nominated by default. :P

  2. lol :p

    very few get such chances u see

    u ,mona a nd priyanka ....

    guys ur poems r so good and i thoughtful :p

  3. lover has started commenting man!!! lol :P

  4. hehe...yes i have...i donno y..weird...very weird.


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