October 16, 2011

Tacky Imprints !!

Sob Sob.
"Why Aniket? Why?", teacher asked furiously.
"Why did you hit Rahul?", but came no reply. 
She dismissed both of them from the class for that hour.

( Next day )
Sob Sob.
"Mam, he again bullied me.", Rahul said crying.
"Aniket", teacher shouted at top of her voice.
"I warned you yesterday not to repeat this again na?", and she tried threatening him not to do that again.
They both were again dismissed for the hour.

( Next Day )
"Aniket!!!!", even today Rahul complained being beaten by him.
"Why do you have to hit Rahul everyday? How many times do I have to tell you not to do that? This is too much now."
The teacher was in a fix now what to do. It was becoming a daily nuisance for her now. Everyday she warned them both but one could clearly see that it had no impact.
She was unable to make out the reason for such beatings between both of them. As they literally had no issue of rift between them for such violence to take place daily.
Transfixed, she ordered Aniket,"Alright, ask your Father to meet me tomorrow during school hours positively".
She had thought that this might be enough to surface some fear on his face but the person who did get scared off was Rahul and not Aniket.
Today even he stood there, cool and calm, listening to the scoldings of the teacher .
( Next Day )
( In the Staff Room )
"Good Afternoon Madam.", said a husky voice.
The teacher looked up from the copies she was correcting to see Aniket's Father standing along with him.
"Yea, Sir. Please have a seat. The reason I called you for is, your son has a daily activity which is really annoying".
"Everyday in the recess time, he has to slap Rahul. Sir, I want you to ask your son the reason for such violent act as I have already tried my best to discover the reason but have always failed."
"I can't let this happen anymore because his parents are complaining to me every then and now to take serious actions against your son, so if please you could make him understand that whatever he is doing is just not done.", teacher completed the whole drama story in one go.
"Why did you slap Rahul?", now the interrogator was his Father, so keeping quiet seemed to be a bad idea.
He tried answering but words just won't come out.
"Answer me, why did you hit Rahul ?", this time a more threatening voice was heard in the staff room.
For a moment even the teacher got scared, but then came the reply.
"I love to see the imprints of all my fingers on his face after slapping him", came the innocent reply.


  1. Solid writing, but to me this seems more of a snapshot (a compelling one, fortunately though!), and very slight in the (short)story department. It’s enjoyable, but a bit static for my tastes.

    (Oh! And capitalization of the initial of "father" was unnecessary.)

  2. damn ! why do i see it as a reflection of aniket's own story at home? thoughtful post ...


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