September 2, 2011

I believe in Anna but I am not Anna !

    The thirteen day long fast of Kisan Baburao Hazare aka Anna Hazare has been a much debated lately on news channels, in news papers, in youth clubs and in every commoner drawing room. The fast was for Jan Lokpal Bill to be taken into consideration by Indian Government.

Okay now coming to the central point of this post. I believe in Anna but I am not Anna. I belive in his ideologies and principles. I  believe we Indians are solely responsible for all the corruption we are facing today. The corrupt bureaucrats have risen amongst us. The common man is responsible for proviking the much hated act of bribe. But this was done when we reached a threshold where we had no other choice but to bribe and be bribed.

Anna brought the whole nation under one notion, Remove Corruption. But I don't agree with his fast way to make Government agree to his demands. Okay I am not too much into politics but at-least I know what's going on in there. What was the need for him to fast for 13 long days? He's 74 years old and his life could have been in danger if the fast would have been on for several more days. There are other ways of protesting. Mob can gather peacefully outside minister's houses, they can put RTI to it's best use asking whereabouts's of development money, Candle lit marches could have been organized nation wide, a healthy debate could have been established between the People and the Government. But fasting! I don't see any Gandhian fellowship in that.

I might be wrong in my perception but it was really painful to see an old man sitting and fasting for us all .
Anna ji, we need people like you to remind Indians that they are born in a country that gave birth to people like रजा हरीश चन्द, शहीद भगत सिंह, नेताजी सुभाष चन्द्र बोस, महात्मा गाँधी and you !

Jai Hind


  1. ua totally wrong..
    c it takes 1 man to make the change in the system..this man without caring for his life fasted for several days..and it has payed off completely.had he just protestd peacefully with his helpers in front of the piliticians residences..none f dis wud have happened.... hats of 2 ANNA JI

  2. vibhas : as I said , I might be wrong in my perspective of this fasting of Annna, but still I would say, I am against his fasting thing and not him himself :)

  3. We are the world's largest democracy and we have been reduced to fasting to make our point.

    Anna is savior. We all know and accept that. He brought the country to a halt. Thousands and thousands of people followed him. AND for a moment, it wasn't Democracy anymore. It was Messiah-ism. Coz i can bet my ass, half the people following Anna had no clue why they were doing it. Sure they knew of corruption, lokpal it...every kid knows this now. But behind the wordings, the true story no one bothered to find out.

  4. u guys say anna bought no corruption...

    but imagine you are on a hurry to go to your exam and on the way u get caught by police for no helmet.. will you pay him money to let you off or rather keep arguing with him for NO CORRUPTION and go to court??
    be practical..

    and what abt rules??
    if the govt says police will not be given any salary and instead only commissions for the fine they collect from persons who go against road rules. if its a no honking zone then 5 cops will be placed and a single honk fine is 5000 rupess with 25 to govt and remaining to the cop.. every commission will be given as white and not black?

    will you like it that way??

    and if you read newspapers there is gonna be a mass hunger strike by 30 lakh farmers to say that ppl shud not hold properties above 1 crore..
    and even a paisa above 1 crore shud go to the govt to even the disparities between the rich and the poor..

    i havent followed up on it yet. so not sure when..

    there are lots of black sides to what anna has done and those are not discussed publicly..

    if you dont believe me, try researching why ppl who were with anna in the beginning and weren't during the fast...

  5. and what he did wasnt DEMOCRACY..

    his activities showed only DICTATORSHIP..

    even though i support dictatorship this wasnt the way i expected.

  6. again u guys means the PUBLIC.. not specific.

  7. I fully agree with you in this aspect, Corruption everyone hates but the way or method he adopted is not not agreeable and his adamant or inflexible attitude is not good at all for a so called Gandhian leader
    Keep writing i am joining in
    but a small suggestion your page is too shining it gives a bad effect to the eyes and people run away from it seeing this too bright letters do something and make it little more light background or the font brightness pl change
    All the best

  8. I agree with you fully. THere are ways and means to protest, fasting and holding the Govt at ransom at the cause of some1's health,is just not acceptable.

    His ideas may be right,but means adopted not convincing.


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